Spirit of Christmas Past December 22, 2014

Christmas tangerines

In a pretty box with nuts

Under grandma’s tree.

Art Prescription:  The holidays can be rough. Seems family dynamics are amplified. The world is spinning too fast. And most of us just want it to be over so our lives can get back to normal. Did our grandparents feel this way? I have some pretty super memories of simple gifts of fruit and nuts under my grandmother’s multi-colored light tree. I think we expect way too much out of ourselves!! Go easy…

Index card

index card christmas past

3 thoughts on “Spirit of Christmas Past December 22, 2014

  1. Oh man Bev! You will get lots of responses to this! I do want my life to return to normal— walks, as I can do them, yoga which heals me physically and emotionally. M

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    • It’s an interesting phenomenon how something that is supposed to bring joy has people running around glassy eyed from craze. I’m not ba-hum-bug. I do enjoy the winter beauty of sparkling lights.

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