The Diva Chronicles

Hello my loyal Diva fans,

So it looks like for now I’m staying here in NC. I’m pretty happy about that cause I get to do lots of extracurricular activities with Bev and Sam.

Last weekend we went hiking!
I was pooped on the ride home.
Today I got to roll in horse farm goo!!

And then once home I promptly got a bath!!

Matisse and I like each other, with respect.
I’m a cuddle bug.

So as you can see life is pretty awesome! I feel loved and my athletic ability is better.

Thanks for checking in!


Diva Las Vegas

Blur Between Lines

Like summer to fall

There is a blur between lines

Where it’s not either.

Art Prescription: Looking so forward to heading out to ride Finn in a sweatshirt! But hold on cowgirl, not yet, it’s still in the 90’s.

Maybe this is a good life lesson. Things are not always all or none, but somewhere in the middle.

I started this very loose watercolor and may add much or a little detail. Depends on the blur of my mood.


Needing a day to clear my head and get some fresh air, we headed toward Snowcamp, NC.

Cane Creek Mountain in Alamance County was the perfect hike.

2.5 mile loop up some moderate inclines, creek side views, ample ferns and hardwoods.

Tired Diva