Hold reins with thumbs up

As if a glass of champagne

Bubbles rising up.

Art Prescription:  Did a private lesson today on Finn! So much good stuff…gonna be sore! Can’t wait to start my Women’s Intuitive Riding!! Working on an alternative palette of colors.

8 1/2 x 11 watercolor

Horse greens 72

Steady in saddle

We meander along fields

Taking in country.

Art Prescription:  Long trail ride on Finn this morning. So beautiful to explore the land from the back of a horse.

8 1/2 x 11 acrylic on paper

White barn

Just off the trailer

He takes a breath, and decides

The grass is green here.

Art Prescription:  A new horse arrived at the farm today…Space…a registered Paint. Cool as a cucumber, he gets off the trailer and proceeds to enter his new home with enthusiasm. Just amazing these creatures who live totally in the moment.

Index card sketch:

ICAD 2016 July 9


Off into the mist

Of green grass, afternoon sun

Finn in element.

Art Prescription:  Not much is prettier or more peaceful than watching a herd of horses let out onto a grassy pasture. Rode Finn bare-back…Friday ritual..and put conditioner in his tail and mane. Sublime.

Index card with colored pencil:

Index card herd

Buttercups rise up

To meet the strong wooden fence

Above, old oaks pray.

Art Prescription: Do fences hold something in or out? Guess it depends on which side of the fence you think you are on… Me…a lovely bareback ride on my boy Finn admiring other horses graze among bright yellow buttercups!

Index card with watercolor and colored pencil:

Index card buttercups 1

Through deep shaded woods

And grassy fields by the cows

Spun the breadths of blue!

Art Prescription:  My horse under me connects me to the ground, the world, my life. So beautiful to see my dear friends on their horses ahead of me. All baggage left at the barn. Only joy rides along with us now. Blue Skies.Trail Ride

Sketch with watercolor

These spirits in fur

Draw us to their mystery

Hold us on their backs.

Art Prescription:  Amazing ride this morning.

8 1/2 x 11 watercolor

Horse 72