Hello Nicker August 17, 2016

As soon as he heard

My voice and saw me walking

At fence and nickers.

Art Prescription:  It’s so sweet and rewarding when my horse Finn meets me at the gate nickering. He is saying hello and glad to see me!

A nicker is commonly described as a companionable greeting or solicitous type of vocalization. This makes intuitive sense both because of its nature as a quiet sound, but also in the close-contact social situations in which it is typically heard: Between two friendly herdmates, between a mare and her foal, and between a stallion and a mare.

I’m so honored!

Index card graphite sketch:

Finn index card

New Horse at Barn July 9, 2016

Just off the trailer

He takes a breath, and decides

The grass is green here.

Art Prescription:  A new horse arrived at the farm today…Space…a registered Paint. Cool as a cucumber, he gets off the trailer and proceeds to enter his new home with enthusiasm. Just amazing these creatures who live totally in the moment.

Index card sketch:

ICAD 2016 July 9


Simply Love May 28, 2014

Out beyond the gate

I find my breath, deep and full

On a white mare’s back.

Art Prescription:  Rode Lacey today! Some ring work…my trot a little better…and then off into the woods and corn-fields. Lean forward going up-hill and lean back going down hill. I try to let her rhythm carry my body. Trust, let go and breathe. Folks this is big.

new pencils 1


Flock of Geese October 25, 2013

Geese float in the sun

Soon to gather on shore and

Take flight in a V.

Art Prescription:  As the sun heads down, the geese on the pond take in the last remaining rays. They wade around, seemingly not doing. Then as if choreographed, they move to line up on shore and take off forming the classic V shaped flight pattern.  I’ve heard that geese stick together. If one goose goes down, the others go down until they know that the flock must go on. My work with horses is like that. The good of the herd is of up-most importance.

fly away


Day at the Farm October 23, 2013

Who let the girls out?!?

Two mares gallop cross pasteur

And the boys go wild!

Art Prescription:  Spent a grand day at the farm…grooming, admiring, riding, sketching…bliss!! Horses have interesting angles and I’m finding them a challenging and phenomenal subject. Observing them is Zen.

blue sky farm

Brave “Cowgirl” October 9, 2013

Stand your ground, be brave

Open your heart and just ask

What you need is there.

Art Prescription:  Today at my Intuitive Horseback Riding lesson at Blue Sky Farm http://blueskiesmapleview.us/ my instructor invited me into the ring with Splash. I was to get Splash to walk or trot around the ring by being assertive, with my “energy.” I did have a little lion-tailed rope to give him a gentle butt tap, but mostly it was up to me to get this four-legged 1,000 lb animal to move. Okay, I have some real work to do here, but I did feel extremely BRAVE, and that is good. I feel nothing but encouraged by my challenges and am grateful for this experience. Here’s a brush sketch…


Galloping Horses September 25, 2013

A herd of horses

Come thundering across field

Majestic beauties!

Art Prescription:  Watching Deborah Pearson-Moyers (http://www.blueskiesmapleview.us/aboutus.htm) call her herd of horses and see them galloping across the field for breakfast is simply a moment of pure magic! They were not visible out in the pasture, but her voice had them come over the ridge of the field in one big thundering group. She said, “Listen to that!” Yep she loves it! Me too!

pink horse 72