Brave “Cowgirl” October 9, 2013

Stand your ground, be brave

Open your heart and just ask

What you need is there.

Art Prescription:  Today at my Intuitive Horseback Riding lesson at Blue Sky Farm my instructor invited me into the ring with Splash. I was to get Splash to walk or trot around the ring by being assertive, with my “energy.” I did have a little lion-tailed rope to give him a gentle butt tap, but mostly it was up to me to get this four-legged 1,000 lb animal to move. Okay, I have some real work to do here, but I did feel extremely BRAVE, and that is good. I feel nothing but encouraged by my challenges and am grateful for this experience. Here’s a brush sketch…


2 thoughts on “Brave “Cowgirl” October 9, 2013

  1. I love this post, and your sketch! Horses are amazing animals, aren’t they? I took some riding lessons as a little girl, but not for that long. Now I’m not sure I would dare to get up on a horse… Enjoy the adventure, and their intelligence and beauty, and thanks for sharing this with us!

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