Modern Horsewomen December 15, 2016

Modern horsewomen

Give themselves away, first glance

All with their aura.

Art Prescription:  So I recently went with a friend of mine to a psychic camp-fire. It was interesting. Before I went I was talking with a friend and told him I would not mention anything about horses. He said, “She will know.”

Playfully I got to thinking what is it that might give us modern horsewomen away?

  1. We will ruin a manicure in a minute
  2. Our toes always look good for yoga
  3. We do shave our legs, mostly, especially if we also swim
  4. We talk about sheaths; we clean sheaths
  5. We buy sunscreen year round
  6. We like hats
  7. We go grocery shopping in riding pants, heck we do everything in riding pants
  8. We have a chiropractor and a massage therapist on speed-dial, especially for our horses
  9. We have strong arms and legs
  10. We pay more for our horse’s shoes than our own
  11. We own multiple pairs of boots: muck, paddock, riding
  12. We have a therapist, but rarely need them
  13. We know that a trip to the barn is a cure for just about everything
  14. We have partners who support our passion
  15. We are totally, wholly, big-time, real and authentic!!!

I would love you to add to my list! Even if your passion is something other than horses. Please add what you find so joyful this holiday season!!



Modern Horsewomen.jpeg

Farm Cure January 15, 2014

Warm sun hits my back

Barn cat slithers by for strokes

Roosters crow next door.

Art Prescription:  I went out to Blue Skies of Mapleview farm today for some soul restoration. Sitting under the big blue sky with horses soothes my restless spirit. Took my sketchbook.

Blue Skyblue sky 2

Brave “Cowgirl” October 9, 2013

Stand your ground, be brave

Open your heart and just ask

What you need is there.

Art Prescription:  Today at my Intuitive Horseback Riding lesson at Blue Sky Farm my instructor invited me into the ring with Splash. I was to get Splash to walk or trot around the ring by being assertive, with my “energy.” I did have a little lion-tailed rope to give him a gentle butt tap, but mostly it was up to me to get this four-legged 1,000 lb animal to move. Okay, I have some real work to do here, but I did feel extremely BRAVE, and that is good. I feel nothing but encouraged by my challenges and am grateful for this experience. Here’s a brush sketch…