Modern horsewomen

Give themselves away, first glance

All with their aura.

Art Prescription:  So I recently went with a friend of mine to a psychic camp-fire. It was interesting. Before I went I was talking with a friend and told him I would not mention anything about horses. He said, “She will know.”

Playfully I got to thinking what is it that might give us modern horsewomen away?

  1. We will ruin a manicure in a minute
  2. Our toes always look good for yoga
  3. We do shave our legs, mostly, especially if we also swim
  4. We talk about sheaths; we clean sheaths
  5. We buy sunscreen year round
  6. We like hats
  7. We go grocery shopping in riding pants, heck we do everything in riding pants
  8. We have a chiropractor and a massage therapist on speed-dial, especially for our horses
  9. We have strong arms and legs
  10. We pay more for our horse’s shoes than our own
  11. We own multiple pairs of boots: muck, paddock, riding
  12. We have a therapist, but rarely need them
  13. We know that a trip to the barn is a cure for just about everything
  14. We have partners who support our passion
  15. We are totally, wholly, big-time, real and authentic!!!

I would love you to add to my list! Even if your passion is something other than horses. Please add what you find so joyful this holiday season!!



Modern Horsewomen.jpeg