Sentient Being

A merry-go-round

Breeze carries a leaf swirling

Touches down at rest

Art Prescription: My sweet Finn was amazing today. Horses are sentient beings.

We sat together and he put his muzzle on my head as if to say I know you are sad and I’m here for you.

Hot August August 17, 2017

Farrier, dentist

And a new horse to the farm

Sweat rolls down my back.

Art Prescription:  A wonderfully busy day at Blue Skies today! I drove out early hoping to get their before Bodie, the new horse, arrived on a trailer. It was shaping up to be an exciting morning around the barn. Of course Max, the barn cat, was asleep with his legs dangling in the back room.

Bodie arrived and even with all the activity, he got off the trailer cool, calm, and collected. The fact that horses live in the moment is demonstrated over and over again.

So I thought we all might need an ice-cream cone:

8 1/2 x 11 paper painting with watercolor and pen and ink:

Ice-cream cone 72.jpg

Re-worked May 6, 2017

Like the Eagle’s song

I’m pushing it to limits

With color and marks.

Art Prescription:  Thinking last nights painting was a bit dull, I went back into it with color, graphite, and colored pencil. Could be just emotion…

Finn purple.jpeg

Sideline April 4, 2017

At the sideline, I

Watch her canter through the field

I’m jealous and proud.

Art Prescription:  This beautiful young lady rides my horse Finn on Tuesdays. She loves him. Today I watched her ride and felt both a sense of true pride to see my beautiful horse move, and I have to admit, jealousy. It’s okay though, it’s a win-win, and is super good for him. He OF COURSE! knows I’m his momma and loves me MORE. LOL,  Sweet boy…

Finn and Laura.jpg

Soothing Sounds March 26, 2017

When a clip-clop-clip

A knicker, and hay chomping

Soothe your heart and soul.

Art Prescription:  Doing ground-work today with Finn I was reminded how much I love the sound of his hooves taking step after step. He knickers at me as I approach his paddock, surely food related, but I like to believe it’s because he looks forward to our time together as much as I do.

Finn in the Buttercups iPhoto:

Finn March 26 2017.jpg

Modern Horsewomen December 15, 2016

Modern horsewomen

Give themselves away, first glance

All with their aura.

Art Prescription:  So I recently went with a friend of mine to a psychic camp-fire. It was interesting. Before I went I was talking with a friend and told him I would not mention anything about horses. He said, “She will know.”

Playfully I got to thinking what is it that might give us modern horsewomen away?

  1. We will ruin a manicure in a minute
  2. Our toes always look good for yoga
  3. We do shave our legs, mostly, especially if we also swim
  4. We talk about sheaths; we clean sheaths
  5. We buy sunscreen year round
  6. We like hats
  7. We go grocery shopping in riding pants, heck we do everything in riding pants
  8. We have a chiropractor and a massage therapist on speed-dial, especially for our horses
  9. We have strong arms and legs
  10. We pay more for our horse’s shoes than our own
  11. We own multiple pairs of boots: muck, paddock, riding
  12. We have a therapist, but rarely need them
  13. We know that a trip to the barn is a cure for just about everything
  14. We have partners who support our passion
  15. We are totally, wholly, big-time, real and authentic!!!

I would love you to add to my list! Even if your passion is something other than horses. Please add what you find so joyful this holiday season!!



Modern Horsewomen.jpeg