One Day at a Time

Thanks for your kind words blog friends!! I’m blessed to have this therapist in my life! He knows just what I need.

A little groundwork

A little bareback riding

Big juicy apple!

2 thoughts on “One Day at a Time

  1. Hi Bev, So sorry to see your news yesterday, but I know you can and will take good care of yourself and hubby during these hard times. Finn is definitely your best therapist! Y’all be safe and careful out there in this heat. The afternoons are brutal!

    All good thoughts and positive energy flowing your way! 💟💟☮️



    • Hi Linda, So great to hear from you!! Haven’t seen you in so long. Life has highs and lows, joy and grief. Not one of us is spared. I do feel very fortunate to have Finn and my art to help me process and enjoy the good moments. Hope you are well. It has been the longest and hottest summer…

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