Diva Chronicles

Hi everyone!

It’s been a while since I posted how I’m doing.

Life is good!

I’m a very spoiled North Carolina dog at this point. Las Vegas is a memory now.

I really love my daily walks around the pond near my house, and sometimes I go on hikes in my front-pac. I’m happy exploring new turf.

Speaking of new turf, momma moved her horse Finn to a new barn! Very exciting!

We are all getting used to our new digs!

Busy Week

Hi friends,

I’ve had a really busy week. My love Finn has an eye ulcer and has needed 3 times a day treatment.

He has been such a good boy tolerating this.

Here he is with a protective mask:


Winter sun catches

The very tops of bare trees

In late afternoon.

Art Prescription : Sending joy to you. Walk into the new year in the moment. And feel your pulse when your spirit is moved. Then… do more of that.