Winter sun catches

The very tops of bare trees

In late afternoon.

Art Prescription : Sending joy to you. Walk into the new year in the moment. And feel your pulse when your spirit is moved. Then… do more of that.

Taking the Bate

Spoken word dangles

A bit of fodder for mind

You don’t take the bate.

Art Prescription: have you ever been tested!? When you know someone is trying to get you to take the bate?

Do you realize when others cross boundaries due to their issues?

Relationships are challenging. I really just want to cruise down the middle lane….

Goodbye July 30, 2014

Parting, sweet sorrow

Goodbye my sweet Lacey horse

Thanks for the good rides.

Art Prescription:  Lacey, the sweet mare I’ve been riding for about 3 months, is returning to her home farm. She is a horse a family grew up with and she is loved. Which made her lovable. I’ve enjoyed my time with her, the rides, the baths, the grooming. I’m grateful she crossed my path.

Lacey me

Lacey roll