Goodbye July 30, 2014

Parting, sweet sorrow

Goodbye my sweet Lacey horse

Thanks for the good rides.

Art Prescription:  Lacey, the sweet mare I’ve been riding for about 3 months, is returning to her home farm. She is a horse a family grew up with and she is loved. Which made her lovable. I’ve enjoyed my time with her, the rides, the baths, the grooming. I’m grateful she crossed my path.

Lacey me

Lacey roll


New Card Collection May 16, 2014

Packaging new cards

Mourning dove lands, beak full straw

Nest, out my window.

Art Prescription:  A great example of why I love working from home! Hot off presses, my newest note card collection, Blue Skies of Mapleview Collection, a set of art cards featuring horses. While packaging in my warehouse (dining room table), I noticed a pair of morning doves building a nest. Back and forth they went while I folded, counted, and packaged cards. I picked up my binoculars to check them out a little closer. How lovely.

Blue Skies Collection

Day at the Farm October 23, 2013

Who let the girls out?!?

Two mares gallop cross pasteur

And the boys go wild!

Art Prescription:  Spent a grand day at the farm…grooming, admiring, riding, sketching…bliss!! Horses have interesting angles and I’m finding them a challenging and phenomenal subject. Observing them is Zen.

blue sky farm