Horse Grooming March 26, 2014

Winter mud blanket

A box of brushes leads to

A sweet posting trot!

Art Prescription:  Pulling into the farm I thought, is that Doc? Yep, that’s Doc! The dirtiest horse in the paddock. And I loved grooming him and connecting with him before a ride. This time of touch and getting totally in these beings space before you ask them to wear aDoc dirty saddle and hold you on their back, is prescious.

Doc clean



Horseback March 19, 2014

View from the saddle

Velvet attentive ears, and


Art Prescription:  I rode Doc today at Women’s Intuitive Riding at Blue Skies Looking down at his beautiful profile and soft ears, I couldn’t help but think of what a spectacular view this is!

View from saddle

Barn Cat October 2, 2013

Curled in saw-dust pile

The barn cat nests in horse stall

Morning nap on farm!

Art Prescription:  All the senses are awake at the farm. So much beauty to take in. Today I was particularly fond of seeing the barn cat rule. So at ease, so gentle, so, well, safe. I am working on ease…

Barn Cat

Galloping Horses September 25, 2013

A herd of horses

Come thundering across field

Majestic beauties!

Art Prescription:  Watching Deborah Pearson-Moyers ( call her herd of horses and see them galloping across the field for breakfast is simply a moment of pure magic! They were not visible out in the pasture, but her voice had them come over the ridge of the field in one big thundering group. She said, “Listen to that!” Yep she loves it! Me too!

pink horse 72