Horse Grooming March 26, 2014

Winter mud blanket

A box of brushes leads to

A sweet posting trot!

Art Prescription:  Pulling into the farm I thought, is that Doc? Yep, that’s Doc! The dirtiest horse in the paddock. And I loved grooming him and connecting with him before a ride. This time of touch and getting totally in these beings space before you ask them to wear aDoc dirty saddle and hold you on their back, is prescious.

Doc clean



3 thoughts on “Horse Grooming March 26, 2014

  1. I am certain that my horse, actually a hinny, has doc out-dirtied. He lives to roll in dirt and mud…supposedly a hinny thing LoL, but he also has a mean streak because he was severely abused and about to be euthanized when we rescued him…he SO doesn’t like to be groomed. Doc looks a bit like my horse, Cotton Candy 🙂 Doc does look beautiful.

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