You are not alone

A whole community waits

To embrace us all.

Art Prescription:  It’s okay to reach out. We all need community. We all need to feel loved.

8 /12 x 11 watercolor, my chop says “hope”

Iris 72.jpg

Caught a falling seed

Held it for a while, the wind

Swept it off my palm.

Art Prescription:  Just go with the flow…take it to the river.



Loneliness is not

Being only flower bud

But failure to bloom.

Art Prescription:  The garden is ripe with buds and blooms and it occurs to me that to make a garden whole it takes many elements. The rain, the sun, the soil, birds, bees, and the instinctual element of life growing on despite any adversary. A tree fallen by a storm, will only grow upward with new branches. We humans get so attached to this one short life we live. If you relish in nature’s messages, you will be at peace with the whole. Four winds, Bev

Eternal Summer