White glow in meadow

Lilies among tall grasses

Wild Easter Lily.

Art Prescription:  I’ve been seeing these beautiful lilies in the woods and meadows at Mason Farm. They are Atamasco Lily (Zephranthes atamasco) and they flourish in wetlands.

8 1/2 x 11 watercolor with my chop that says “hope”

Lily Atamasco.jpeg

Gentle breeze ripples

Branches with fresh young leaves sway

Steady rolling waves.

Art Prescription: How peaceful to stand under a new canopy of leaves and experience the wind.

Index card with watercolor and my chop that says “hope”

Trees April.jpeg

Leaves shiver in breeze

Cool, grey, wintry, cloudy, sky

Fluffy birds huddle.

Art Prescription:  I can’t think of a better way to end the year than a nature walk with my sketchbook and my love. Just us and our footsteps together for a 25th New Years Eve. Our lives are blessed and happy, and my wish for everyone is to find the simple beauty of each and every day. Oh yea, and make some art! Here’s to 2017!

Sketchbook with pen and graphite:

Sketch book 12:31:16.jpeg


Peck, preen, fluff, and sing

Yellow Prothonotary

Unaware of me.

Art Prescription:  Sam and I went for an early hike around Mason Farm. We were rewarded!

Index card with pen and ink and colored pencil:

Index card prothonotary 1

Birds bathe, babbling creek

Preen in warm winter sunshine

Melting snow runs south.

Art Prescription:  Walked Mason Farm with my love today. There are still patches of snow on the ground, but the birds don’t mind. They hop about energetically on a brisk January day.

Index card with colored pencil, fabric, and improvisational sewing:

Index card birds bathe

Sharp, bright, fall sunlight

Euphonious, crickets hum

Musical meadow.

Art Prescription:  The sun is sharp these days. Once up, she burns off frosted windshields…moves on to de-thaw grass. And still the crickets hum softly in the meadow.


Fall Meadow

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Hummingbirds fuel up

For their long fall migration

Lots of fall flowers.

Art Prescription:  I’m still seeing hummingbirds coming to fall blooms. They won’t be around for long as they prepare for migration.

Alcohol ink:

alcohol sept