Candle Lit Street December 13, 2014

Four seconds to flame

Neighbors come out, winter night

Streets lined with candles.

Art Prescription:  I’ve been heading up luminaries for our neighborhood for about 8 years. The thing that always brings me joy is to see neighbors coming out and working together as a community to create a beautiful winter night.

Thank you to my local followers for coming to my Open Studio!!

Open Studio 2014

Nothing Particular September 14, 2014

Some days a blank page

Stares at me, my muse protests

Meanwhile I collage.

Art Prescription:  While hiking our favorite place, Mason Farm, NC, we ran into another couple about half-way around the loop. They had just seen two bear cubs running off into the forest!! Then on the trail we saw bear scat. Holy nature walk! We only did one loop today. Back at the studio I tapped into nothing particular. Trying to plan holiday workshops…


Deep Woods April 27, 2014

Smell of vetiver

Rich, earthy bog, sweet wetlands

Guppies, frogs, and snakes!

Art Prescription:  Snakes! Yikes, but some people love seeing them. They are nature’s creations too. As we head into warmer weather, the bog awakens, and the water is teaming with life. Remember when you looked at bog water under a microscope? Spirogyra…Be curious.

mason farm