Farm Fresh March 13, 2014

Farmer fresh produce

Feed family organic

Fruit, vegetables.

Art Prescription:  We are so fortunate to have lots of organic farmers in our area. And three local farmer’s markets that make shopping local convenient and fun, including LoMo Market which travels around the triangle delivery fresh goods on wheels!!

Organic Collage

Haiku April 11, 2013 Big Fat Orange

Big, round, lush orange

Sits with company, blue bowl.

Dose, vitamin C!

Art Prescription:  Sometimes art is right in front of your eyes in the many still-life’s in your home.  Colored pencils are wonderfully uncomplicated and portable.  You simply draw with them, wet with a brush, and the colors blend and come to life. You can also actually dip the pencil into water to make really vibrant marks. Get some and play…play is good!



Haiku November 4, 2012 Twisted

Spiral, twist, and turn

Double helix that is life

Deep in the fall woods!

Art Prescription:  Everyone needs favorite places. This painting, a new exciting size of watercolor blocks 4 x 10 ish, was created from a place near our home called The Farm. Lush woods and a bamboo forest. Pretty in all seasons! Find one thing that captures your eye and build around it.