Haiku October 10, 2012 Delicate Life


A song for long precious life.

Holidays are here!

Art Prescription:  The iconoclastic pumpkin is…simply beautiful. I’ve painted, so far, three different variations of the pumpkin and will share in future blogs. I’m busy cutting rice paper leaves for the UNC Hospital Remembering Tree and had lots of small pieces of paper left over. Always a fan of trying a new technique, I made a tiny collage.

Haiku October 5, 2012 Allegro

Allegro for fall

Hot coffee and pumpkin patch

Dry leaves swirl to ground.

Art Prescription:  If you spend any time gazing out the window these days you will see leaves floating to a resting spot on earth. Many writers acknowledge the slightly sad, melancholy feelings that come with fall. There is that…There is also the refreshing cool weather when hot beverages warm the hand, and autumn color burst onto the scene with bright orange and red. Tomorrow I’m heading to a local pumpkin patch for visuals to feed my artist eye!!

Haiku September 23, 2012 Fall Decor

Fall gourds and pumpkins

Bring color and homemade pies

To September homes.

Art Prescription:  Fall color has to bring out the artist in you! Gourds, pumpkins, and fall bouquets add a dash of orange and red everywhere. Bring a fall still-life home and sketch it…now add watercolor…open the windows and breathe fresh air!

Haiku September 20, 2012 Closet Moves

Shorts start to recede

Jackets, sweaters take center

Soon coats will appear.

Art Prescription:  It was 54 degrees when I left the house this morning. On the bus into work I notice the exchange of summer shorts and flip-flops for a bit more coverage. Scarves, fashionable year-round, now start to take on functionality. I love the change of seasons! As the trees begin to lose their leaves, us humans begin to layer.  Notice each day the subtle…