Don’t Stop Believing November 27, 2013

November’s deep chill

Final call for red roses

Frozen in the bud.

Art Prescription:  As I painted this I thought of the song from Journey, “Don’t stop believing.” Roses continue to bloom until they are literally frozen still. Nature’s will is awe inspiring and each of us should never “stop believing” in ourselves and the joy of daily living. The holidays are upon us…pace yourself, wink!! Thanks to each of you. I’m about to finish my second full year of writing a haiku a day and it has been amazing!


Sensuous Rose October 4, 2013

Red October rose

Symbol of beauty and love

Scented, sensuous.

Art Prescription:  Love of roses and their tantalizing scent has seduced and intoxicated people more than any other flower! The fossils of wild roses have been found as far back as forty million years ago.

October Rose


Haiku May 31, 2013 May Roses

Bring summer inside

Clip ripe colorful bouquets

Enjoy May roses!!

Art Prescription:  A fresh bouquet out of my rose garden! This is painted very loosely. Don’t feel overwhelmed to get to all the detail. Just capture their essence with a quick pen sketch, color with watercolor, re-pen for detail, add some watery background…Be thrilled with your May roses!! Change your mood, your energy, in 20 minutes…go ahead try it!!

May roses

Haiku May 22, 2013 Programed to Bloom

Programed to bloom pink

Roses explode with spring glee

Blush with rich color!!

Art Prescription:  The garden is taking off now…roses, phlox, Gerber daisies! The roses are always so fresh. We cut them and bring them inside to enjoy their natural perfume. What’s blooming in your yard?

pink roses

Haiku April 23, 2013 Art Journey

Travel with no map?

Set sail without a compass?

Yep! An art journey!

Art Prescription:  I figure it takes me about 3 to 4 days to get into the zone. The zone of painting with abandonment…no thoughts what-so-ever about the finished product. It’s all about the journey. Watercolor, pastel, not working, sprayed it with the hose!! Yep, the hose. Drip dry. While still wet, ran my fingers through the paint, and then got my pink spray paint out. And this is as far as I got. Thinking a bird silhouette will finish it off.

roses and lace