Freshly Cut

Roses, shades of pink

Fleshy, velvety petals

Just now, freshly cut.

Art Prescription: Heading towards summer and joyful flower cutting from my garden.

A loosely painted watercolor…shades of pink:

Ecstasy October 27, 2016

Can the rose define

Flowers, well if anyone

She can say it all.

Art Prescription:  I adore everything about roses…their smell, their soft, velvet petals, their slight attitude with thorns…and the simple fact that a bunch of roses says love.

8 x 8 watercolor



Come In My Muse June 2, 2014

Pause, ponder, produce

The muse, her senses keen, waits

Open door, “Come in.”

Art Prescription:  So my good friend Farley said to me today, “pause, ponder, produce.” I just adore that. I invite you to do the same!! And let your muse in to “pause, ponder, produce.” Aho!

Farley Rose


Looking Forward 2014 December 31, 2013

I can see clearly

Through these rose colored glasses

And the scent…divine.

Art Prescription:  I think my theme for looking forward to a new year is all about roses! A few thoughts:

Rose Colored Glasses – Optimism and gratitude work!

A Bed of Roses – Seek comfort everyday…make your home your haven.

Everything is coming up roses – Expect the best…dream…and plan for them to come true.

Rose Scented Water – Yep, bathe in it!

A Rose is a Rose – Be authentic…be you!

coming up roses

Speak your own Voice December 16, 2013

A rose is a rose

And how you view it is art!

Speak your own true voice!

Art Prescription:  One of my favorite things about art is the experience of people taking a subject and making it true to their spirit. While working on watercolor roses today, my friend Farley Bernholz, took it to a whole new level. Go Farley! Now this is expressive!!!