Speak your own Voice December 16, 2013

A rose is a rose

And how you view it is art!

Speak your own true voice!

Art Prescription:  One of my favorite things about art is the experience of people taking a subject and making it true to their spirit. While working on watercolor roses today, my friend Farley Bernholz, took it to a whole new level. Go Farley! Now this is expressive!!!




3 thoughts on “Speak your own Voice December 16, 2013

  1. Beverly, Farley told us about her rose painting tonight at a party. Then, when I got home I had an email from Madeline Cains asking if this was my friend Farley!!!! Ha!!! Love Farley’s outside-the-box style – the stuff true artistry is made of!!!! Hats off to Farley and to you for your tutelage and encouragement! Daphne McLeod

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