Dragonfly sits still

Air heavy, humid, summer,

Crows gather, pine tops.

Art Prescription:  Went for a ride on Tobacco Road Trails. Yep, it’s hoT!

8 1/2 x 11 watercolor

Crow August

Crows watch from above

As one by one rows of corn

Disappear, harvest.

Art Prescription:  And so the tall leafy corn once again returns to the soil, the precious seed harvested.

Index card with watercolor and my chop that says “hope”

Index card crows 1

A flock of robins

Supervise evening shift

Owls begin to hoot.

Art Prescription:  Love being at Mason Farm at sunset. The birds are foraging for their last snack and the night-time creatures begin to stir.

8 x 8 Sumi-Ink (My chop hand-carved in China, says, “Hope”

Flock of Robins

Open studio

Warm, bright, space where I create

Welcome friends, neighbors!

Art Prescription:  Today was a cold, wet, rainy day! And my friends and neighbors still came out to celebrate my open studio with me. Thanks y’all!! For those of you who live a little far off…


Farm entrance, dogwood

Cockle-berry takes hitch-hike

Horses in the woods.

Art Prescription:  Both of us in need of clearing our minds, my friend and I. I went and led Finn out of the woods, rode a bit. Then we both took in the calm that is the farm, to clear our heads and sketch!

Blue Skies Oct 13

Play invitation

Blow black ink, add fall color

Voila, autumn scene!!

Art Prescription:  In Art Rx today we blew ink with straws and then painted with watercolor…invite adults to play and they each make art!!

November 2013

Just be in the flow

The river runs to the sea

Float and be, let go.

Art Prescription:  Sometimes the best thing you can do is to simply let go and float. Quit trying so hard to swim up stream! Do you even know where you are trying to get? So float, be buoyant, weightless…

Down by the lazy river