Art Prescription Workshop

“The artist only needs the willingness to paint.”

“There’s always a clean white canvas.”

Taught an Art Prescription Workshop today with friends. My goal  in mentoring is to help the individual bring out their artistic voice. To move away from expectations and to respond to what happens in the moment that paint and brush come together.

art rx d and a 002

art rx d and a 003

One man’s junk is another’s treasure…look at this fantastic ink work! I then colored it in…

Davids ink

Haiku November 10, 2012 Seasonal Change

Red leaf nods to branch

Time for a change, carry on…

Days turn to weeks, months.

Art Prescription:  The most constant thing in life is change. Seasons change, people change, relationships change…Success in life often equals acceptance and gratitude. One day at a time. I had a lovely day! Taught an Art Prescription workshop and here are my demo pieces!
























































Art Prescription Workshop: Holiday Cards

I had a fun group this morning in my Art Prescription (Expressive Painting) holiday card workshop. We played with Sumi-ink and watercolors, practicing two techniques before going on to the cards. It always amazes me how each hand of the artist takes color and line to create their own unique voice. Here are some of their creations!! Aren’t these fantastic! Thanks group!

















































Haiku September 13, 2012 Chinese Brush Painting

Jet black Sumi-ink

Brush strokes capture the essence

Moment on paper.

Art Prescription:  I went to a Chinese Brush Stroke class today at the NC Botanical Garden taught by Alice, her American name. With a gentle demeanor she demonstrates the ancient art of brush painting. She teaches us it’s not about the accuracy of the painting, but the feeling…the Chi, and make sure to leave room in your painting for movement of energy. We worked on herons today. And swallows!