Haiku October 17, 2012 Mockingbird

Sits proud in tree top

Full breast gleams in late day sun

Master of all song.

Art Prescription:  Mockingbirds have many personalities. They can be jesters or intimidating…or should I say imitating? A large repertoire, they enjoy solo performances. Other birds call out to mates, but the Mockingbird sings for the crowd.

Haiku October 4, 2012 The Ego

Is it real or fluff?

Cotton- ball clouds full of steam

Sunset pulls from sky.

Art Prescription: How much of what people tell you is their ego building up fluff? Humans…such an odd bunch. All trying to reach some imaginary high! Ever cloud watch? Imagine what you see? We all want to see what we want to see. The reality our life has led us to. Are you living real or are you living fluff? The same sun and moon hang in all our skies. Peace-out!