Hibernation October 26, 2013

First cold frost last night

Green fella steals warmth from rocks

Hibernation time.

Art Prescription:  While walking at Mason Farm today we saw two snakes. A pretty citron-green one and a black one. Since winter is sneaking in, I wasn’t expecting these slithering beauties. Guess like us they are seeking the last bit of warm sunshine!


Haiku February 14, 2013 Valentines

Sit in pure stillness

Disconnect from busy world

Notice something new.

Art Prescription:  On my bus rides to and from my RN job just about every person has their nose to their smart-phones. No one is looking out the window to see the lovely flock of robins, or the way the light reflects off the buildings, or the simple beauty of a sunset. No wonder depression is on the rise!  I feel like a Florence Nightingale of the 2000’s. I think everyone needs fresh air, exercise, and nature… Give yourself a Valentine…

valentine susent