Haiku February 14, 2013 Valentines

Sit in pure stillness

Disconnect from busy world

Notice something new.

Art Prescription:  On my bus rides to and from my RN job just about every person has their nose to their smart-phones. No one is looking out the window to see the lovely flock of robins, or the way the light reflects off the buildings, or the simple beauty of a sunset. No wonder depression is on the rise!  I feel like a Florence Nightingale of the 2000’s. I think everyone needs fresh air, exercise, and nature… Give yourself a Valentine…

valentine susent

3 thoughts on “Haiku February 14, 2013 Valentines

  1. Oh wow I totally agree with what you’ve posted here! How could we be happy submerged in our digital world when there are glorious skies above? This is such a beautiful picture! My only complaint is that there is no ‘LOVE’ (!!) button here because ‘like’ is just not enough. Anyway, thanks for sharing this and happy Valentine’s Day 🙂

  2. Beautiful! Beautiful thought too! The soul of an artist speaking…. taking notice of the beauty surrounding us, even though it be fleeting ..or small.
    Thanks for sharing this!

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