Love is February 3, 2014

Love is in the air

Along with hot and cold waves

Birds look for houses.

Art Prescription:  The weather goes up and down like a roller-coaster. Warm front…arctic blast. My layers of coats and jackets hang ready in the closet. Meanwhile, the birds seem to be right on track.

Love is 2014 1

Snow Day January 28, 2014

Weather forecast, snow

All day I look to the sky

Excuse for milk, bread?

Art Prescription:  Okay, so I might wake up to a sea of white, but right now…I don’t see any snow!!! Since early morning the forecast for a winter storm has been all over television, radio, and Facebook. I did go to the grocery store for stamps, and they were out! Schools cancelled today. Many businesses closed early. Curious. Warm in my studio where I painted love birds.

birds on wire heart 1 birds on wire heart

Haiku February 14, 2013 Valentines

Sit in pure stillness

Disconnect from busy world

Notice something new.

Art Prescription:  On my bus rides to and from my RN job just about every person has their nose to their smart-phones. No one is looking out the window to see the lovely flock of robins, or the way the light reflects off the buildings, or the simple beauty of a sunset. No wonder depression is on the rise!  I feel like a Florence Nightingale of the 2000’s. I think everyone needs fresh air, exercise, and nature… Give yourself a Valentine…

valentine susent

Haiku February 12, 2013 Woodcocks

Flight of the Woodcock

Soars, musical twitter, dives

Female impressed, coos.

Art Prescription:  Spring…mating season. The male American Woodcock has one of the most musical aeronautical displays. They begin their dance at dusk which makes them hard to see, but if you stand still and listen you will hear the male as he soars upward in a wide spiral. As he descends his wings start to twitter, and he comes down in a zig-zag pattern, chirping as he dips. He lands near a female and starts the whole dance again…wow persistence!

birds heart 5 x 7