Haiku June 28, 2012 White Wine

Wine glass beads with sweat

Refreshing French white wine cools

Tingles on hot day.

Art Prescription:  It is almost July, but wow it’s getting hot. Here in NC  the forecast for the next three days is 105 degrees. Looks like outside activities will be early morning or probably just the pool!! Today’s quote comes from Tao Te Ching:

“See the world as your self.

Have faith in the way things are.

Love the world as your self;

then you can care for all things.”

Haiku June 22, 2012 Thunder

Big billowing clouds

Climb upward with heavy dark

Thunder, lightening.

Art Prescription:  This time of year we can expect thunder-storms in the evening. It’s hot and humid, and all that moisture gets sucked back up into the atmosphere and has to go somewhere! Bottled energy. My garden is thankful for the downpour. I’m working on pen and ink drawings that I hope will be turned into stamps. If you ever study the lines of a flower you will certainly be seduced!