Haiku June 11, 2012 Rain!!

Drip, drop, drip, drop, pour!

Concentric rings ripple out

Rain rivers down street.

Art Prescription:  Big drifting sheets of rain pour from the grey sky. Perfect! Everything needs a good drenching. I like to walk in the rain…so peaceful…musky earth smells rise up to mingle with fresh air. Frogs are in “hog” or perhaps it should be “frog,” heaven, croaking by the streams. As an artist, the designs made by rain-drops intrigue me. There is an abstract quality to the repeating circles that ripple out and converge. Reminds me that each action creates a new action, a simple rain drop displaces water making tiny round waves hundreds of times larger than the drop. Each moment of life a ripple…

Haiku June 5, 2012 Change


Can we measure hope, dreams, wants?

Really steal a kiss?

Art Prescription:  Some of the most poignant parts of life are immeasurable. Things we cannot fill a bucket with and say, okay I’m done. Like the breeze drifting through an open window, life can be difficult to constrain, put it all in nice order. The breeze has no motive. There is no way to measure the luxurious feeling of a cool evening breeze across your face…it just is.  We live in a world full of comparisons and judgement…what if the most important things of all are the things we cannot measure or see. What if we could be fluid and flexible, like water, change effortlessly?


Haiku May 14, 2012 Optimism

Rain pours on May ground

Water puddles and streams, wet

Shiny reflections.

Art Prescription:  Ever notice how one droplet of water can reflect a rainbow of color? Ever enjoy watching big drops of rain fall? Ever notice light bouncing off  a river of rain? Ever notice? Pause and see…


Haiku March 15, 2012

Snow melts on the ridge

Flows into a nearby stream

Sum part of the whole.

Art Prescription: Spring is about renewal. One element changing into another, each just as important.  Do you find yourself judging? Weighing what’s really important in your life? Get peaceful with art, yoga, or meditation and you will know.

Haiku March 6, 2012

Moon swells over pines

“Who cooks for you?” asks the owl.

Great tides ebb and flow.

Art Prescription: Everyday is different. No matter what your day brings, there is always peace to be found in the rhythm of the natural world. Where ever you are in the world the moon cycles and the tides change. Quietly observe and find wholeness! OR howl at the moon!