Company at night

While most are between the sheets

Bright white winter moon.

Art Prescription: Sumi-ink and my chop that says “hope.” That is after-all what gets us through from day to day. Grateful to have “hope.”

Index card winter moon

I see you…see me

And freeze with my ears straight up!

Next…you see white tail!

Art Prescription:  Finn had a check-up today with the vet. He had his sheath cleaned (horse people will understand this), and had his teeth “floated.” All in all a good bill of health. Thank you Dr. Maxwell!!

As I was leaving the farm I saw a pretty little deer in the pasture. For two seconds we met eyes…and then she bolted into the woods leaving an image of her bright-white tail in my view.

Index card with colored pencil:

Index card deer 1

Party is over

Time to shift gears, lower speed

To give thanks for all.

Art Prescription:  My Open Studio weekend is over. Was fun and successful. I’m very thankful. Now I hope to down-shift a bit and enjoy the Thanksgiving holiday with family (I might sneak out to the farm to see Finn everyday).


It’s a smooth landing

Lots of work to get lift off

Open Studio!

Art Prescription:  Wow! We had a very well received open studio today. Thank you to all of you who came out to make our day successful.

Index card with pen and ink, colored pencil and stamp:

Index card open studio

Together we stand

Divided we fall…seek peace

It’s the only way

Art Prescription:  There are many things to divide us in life…religion, politics, egos… Let’s put all of that aside and realize that we are each just human beings under this camouflage. And we each have a gift to give this world we live in. Right here. Right now. Each and every day. Your gift.

Index card with collage:

Index card together

A thick fog rolls in

Fall sun sets over tree-tops

Atmospheric eve.

Art Prescription:  The weather creates beautiful drama…

Finn fog

Few of favorites

Collected on walks, nature’s

Gifts to observer.

Art Prescription:  As I prepare my studio to open to the public, I’m reminded of the small things that I adore.



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