Grandma’s hand-sewn quilt

Cold and rainy April day

Three cats, one hubby.

Art Prescription:  Today was a day for cuddling. I’m blessed to have many hand-made quilts. Both sets of grandparents were quilters, so after a busy week the Dyer family all piled into bed under one and took a nap…bliss! Watercolor sketch on a 3 x 5 index card.

three cats

Out of the cocoon

She unfolds her brand new wings

And takes her first flight.

Art Prescription:  Something to aim for…

Changeling 6

All shades of purple

Tiny orchid-like blossoms

Ajuga carpet.

Art Prescription:  For a short while we have a purple carpet in our flower beds. Ajuga! It’s purpleliscious! Up close it has details like a fragile orchid. Take a closer look…


Blue Skies April


Cool breeze rustles grass

Not a cloud in the blue sky

Horse nose, buttercups.

Art Prescription:  Trying to make some big decisions, I went to the farm to seek divine guidance. A farm is a good place to do some soul searching.

Sole bareback beauty

Canters across fresh green field

She is one with horse.

Art Prescription:  To watch a young lady ride bareback with complete composure is a joy. She makes it look so simple. Truth is she is in awe of this horse and with mad skills the horse knows. So impressive. Beautiful.

bare back 3 x 5

Rise up out of leaves

Delicate Quaker Ladies

April in the woods.

Art Prescription:  I rode my bike over to a patch of woods near my house. Lots of Quaker Ladies blooming, also known as Bluets. They are such cheerful little flowers!!

Quaker Ladies 2

Yellow pollen fog

Azaleas ripe with buds

Tulips unfold red.

Art Prescription:  Buds everywhere.

Azaelia buds


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