Swarm of honey bees

The weight on a new spring branch

Queen rules colony.

Art Prescription:  Saw this on my walk today. So amazing and beautiful. Swarming behavior only occurs in spring when the Queen Bee decides to start a new colony and leaves with thousands of worker bees in search of a new nest. Meanwhile they swarm in unexpected places.


Spring rain big puddle
A robin delights in bath
Wings and water, splash!!


Bye brown, step aside

Green, it’s your turn to shine bright

Cover the meadows.

Art Prescription:  Spring abundance makes the dull browns of winter worth it.

Index card with colored pencil:

Index card Bye brown

Home, where soul blossoms

This place that knows who I am

Back to my real life.

Art journal with colored pencil

Art journal home

Leaving Las Vegas

My mom and her hopes and dreams

Desperate crowds, noise.

Art Prescription:  So…it’s good to know where you belong…where your heart sings…where the word content means more than anything.

Art Journal with pen and ink and colored pencil:

Art journal las vegas

Ruby red slippers
Three magic clicks of the heels
Thank you Dorothy.


Sketching on the strip
My second cup of coffee
Mountains in distance.



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