Hot orange pepper

Not for the mild, faint of heart

She means business!!

Art Prescription:  My friend’s mom grows an abundance of peppers. And she always gets a package full. I plan to make “pepper poppers,” but the habaneros are only for drawing. Too hot for me!! 


A little sun ray

Breaks through dark grey heavy clouds

White picket fence glows.

Art Prescription:  Best intentions brought forth. Here is my second painting from found feathers. Peace…

Feathers II

I journey to drum

Steady beat, wings pick me up

Carry me, safety.

Art Prescription:  Did a Native American journey today with Pixie Campbell I’m working with Raven medicine. On my walks I’m finding feathers.

Feathers I

Raven by window

She sits still, brings a message

I answer the call.

Art Prescription:  Do you remember your night-time dreams? Many artists speak of receiving messages at night. Remember you are not creating alone. Last night I dreamed about the remaining collection of stamps I didn’t buy at yesterday’s tag sale. Dreamed they were gone. Today I went back and bought the rest of the collection. Have no idea what spirit has in-store

me.Mandala.jpg Pay attention and go with the flow…the muse will show you the way. Mandala with pen and ink, markers, and collage.


Pretty one more time

Zoot suit riot, don’t let go

Pictures on your skin.

Art Prescription:  I’m still on my vintage art journaling kick…and might be for a while. I scored a vintage stamp collection at a tag sale today. Once I research and make sure I don’t have a stamp worth hundreds, I look forward to using them in my journal. Found poetry on old CD labels, pen and ink, watercolor, collage, in my art journal.

art journal tag sale

Where are you headed?

When will you arrive safely?

Top spins across floor.

Art Prescription:  Remember spinning tops. Wound tight, released across a floor to dance. Collage and watercolor pencil on paper.

Top spins.jpg

A leap for pure joy

The chase is on, a huntress

Did you play today?

Art Prescription:  Busy day at my RN job. Life is precious…play!



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