Ignoring forecast

Nature moves ahead with spring

And renewal plans.

Art Prescription:  Robins and blue birds confirm that spring is coming. Hold on to your hat while Old Man Winter gives us a final blow.

Index Card with colored pencil

Index card spring

Hit snooze…long slow wake

“Alarm” clock! Who invented?

Rather hear roosters!

Art Prescription:  Millions of people are jolted awake by alarm clocks daily. All this farm life has me wondering why not wake up with the roosters? Finn is home! Thank you all for your loving support.


Art journal alarm

Twenty-four hours
Time really does heal all pain
And the body too.

Art Prescription: thank you for all your well wishes. Finn is improving and can come home tomorrow!!


My heart is heavy

Circumstances have me low

Pray for a new day.

Art Prescription:  Hi folks, my horse Finn was injured and is at the horse hospital. He has an orbital fracture (around his eye) and laceration. My goal to keep the Art Prescription positive is colored today. It helps to write about it.

Finn and me

Feathers cardinal

Air traffic control

Backyard birds swoop in and out

For sunflower seed.

Illustration 8 1/2 x 11

Bye February

With your snow and sleet, long walks

Peaceful in the woods.

Art Prescription:  We enjoyed a long walk at Mason Farm today crunching in the still thick snow. Just me and my love…

8 1/2 x 11 watercolor, collage, pen and ink

Heart Collage

Winter snow vixen

Looks for a fine place to nap

Digs a cozy nest.

Art Prescription: Aren’t foxesFox snow adorable…My Asian chop says “hope” or “rare expectation” in Chinese, and my name Bei Fu Lie.

Watercolor 8 1/2 x 11


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