Real, beholden, gratified

Sweet, delicious.

Art Prescription: So much to be grateful for…

Envelope art.

Envelpe art gratitude

Clean up on aisle one

Tangerines, nuts, memories

Holiday meltdown.

Art Prescription:  So I had a meltdown at the Harris Teeter today…dang Christmas music. I went to shop for my Thanksgiving dressing and all of a sudden, right there in the fresh produce section, big tear streamed down my face. What? Get it together. Went to the bathroom…and then again shopping for rice…and nuts…My sweet husband came to my rescue.

I sure do miss all the people that I miss…and this Thanksgiving I have so much to be thankful for!!

Art Journal page:

Art journal train ride

Hawk 1

Holiday traffic

All the fixings, loaded carts

Plans for gratitude.

Art Prescription:  Wow, holiday hustle and bustle. My hope is that as we all sit down to share Thanksgiving dinner, we will also give thanks for the natural world around us. It’s pretty amazing…

6 x 9 colored pencil and pen and ink

Two streaks lightening

Race to meet across bold clouds

Thunder in winter.

Art Prescription:  Do you think the old tale of “9 days after winter thunder it will snow” is true?

Cloudy days aside…I’m doodling flowers on an envelope!

Envelope Hartselle

Catch a falling leaf

And put it in your pocket

Save for a study!

Art Prescription:  I love the bright reds and oranges of autumn. And I also love the muted and softer hues of golden yellow, burnt siena, and peach.

Leaf Study watercolor 8 1/2 x 11

My blog art is available for purchase! Note cards too!! I don’t always list them on Etsy, so contact me with inquiries.

Thank you,


Leaf study

Brush, massage, pamper
Who benefits Finn or I
Silky mane and tail.


Oh so still on trail

A grey ball of fluff, oh dear…

Just playing possum!

Art Prescription:  On our morning hike at Mason Farm we came across a seemingly unfortunate scene. As we got closer Sam said, it’s breathing. We circled around through the woods. As soon as we were on down the path, the possum took off to continue meandering in the woods. Nature! Full of surprise.

3 x 5 index card with colored pencil

Index card possum


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