Morning grass, dew-drops
Buttercups fill the meadow
The air smells like rain.


Song high in the tree

American Redstart bird

Binoculars, check!

Art Prescription:  Went birding at Mason Farm today. Lots of new songs. Was happy to see this American Redstart male. So colorful.

6 x 9 watercolor sketch

Index card bucolic pasture 1

Bucolic pasture

Hills roll right down to the creek

Horses graze, rich grass.

Art Prescription:  I drove straight to the farm after work. Put my muck boots on over my scrubs and headed across the pasture. Finn met me, warming my heart. After giving him a good groom, I let all the horses out onto spring grass. They are so excited to get out into this tall rich grass!!

Index card sketch with colored pencil

Index card bucolic pasture

Grand ma’s snowball bush
Bloomed on the side of the house
Spring hydrangea.


A thick green curtain
Envelopes me in spring’s blast
Of new growth galore!

Art Prescription – breakfast nook watercolor sketch.


Giant white lilies

Burst open and steal the show

Fragrance fills the house.

White Lillies.jpg

New kid on the block

Geldings line up to meet him

Duncan gets a tour.

Art Prescription:  So interesting to see a new horse arrive at farm. All the horses are super alert to see the new kid on the block. They will have to establish pecking order. Duncan gets a tour of the fence line.

blue skies duncan

blue skies duncan 2


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