Colorful journey

Air, sunshine and laid-back vibe

Relax and recharge.

Art Prescription:  Tired after my RN day…found poetry. Yes, I do notice the “get-away” theme.

3 x 5 index card art. I love being able to do these! Brings me satisfaction to the most stressful days.

Index card colorful

Looking and hoping

Wishing, expecting, dreaming

Life’s many milestones.

Art Prescription:  Life is a series of milestones…pregnant, new baby, preschool, kindergarden, high school graduation, college graduation, engagement, marriage….Celebrate!

Expectation 72


A place to go to deep breath

Regroup, rest, do art.

Art Prescription:  My assignment from a customer, spa art, has me day-dreaming about such a place. Waterfalls, massages, long walks in nature, time to contemplate, inspired art…Wanna go?

Here is how my piece from yesterday turned out.

ginko deep breath sign 2

Thick, humid July

Grey broody sky hangs heavy

Sly seasonal shift.

Art Prescription:  Twas unusually quiet on my evening walk. Just a couple of frogs croaking and an occasional bird. I sense the season beginning to change. Spring and summer are petering out, and though we have many warm days ahead, there is a subtle change in the air.

This is a work in progress with many layers so far…not sure where it’s going…


Yard swing, days gone by

Time to set a while, talk slow

Linger in the shade.

Art Prescription:  Iconic scene. A century old farm house. An outside setting with a swing for getting together in the yard.

butterfly country life

The Queen spreads her seed

Across hill and dale she reigns

With a crown of thorns.

Art Prescription:  My Queen Anne’s Lace has gone to seed…fascinating. Ever look this close? I used my 10x magnifying glass.

sketchbook Queen Anne's Lace

Essential play

What is your secret pleasure?

Snicker, giggle, laugh!

Art Prescription:  To watch a cat hop and dance around, chasing a stuffed bird with shear delight, leads to giggles.

Matilda 1


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