October comes in

With big buckets full of rain

Studio warm, dry.

Art Prescription:  I love the sound of rain on my studio roof. So soothing as I lay down watercolor washes. Big clouds hover over North Carolina, but looks the hurricane is going out to sea. Fall is upon us…nice cool weather.

Index card with pen and ink and colored pencil:

Index card October rain

Birds sing in the rain

They sing in the sun, they sing

Because they have song!!

Art Prescription:  I love Maya Angelou and have used her beautiful quote in today’s Art Prescription.

Index card with stamp and colored pencil:

Index card Maya angelou

Don’t quit your dream job

Keep going day after day

Your spirit knows best!

Art Prescription:  I’m so excited to share! I picked up the first printing of The Art Prescription: A Dose of Coloring Inspiration today! You can find this in my Etsy shop. Here is the back page with all 12 illustrations featured for you to color!

Art Prescription back

Burst of energy

September wind blows through trees

Horses like to run.

Art Prescription:  I love watching the horses be horses. As I persevere at being authentic, nature’s wild-side reassures me that all of life is a circle.

Here is my horse Finn in the wind. 8 1/2 x 11 watercolor

Finn wind 72

Slow steady drizzle

Burrs in my horse’s damp mane

Fall mums in a vase.

Art Prescription:  Index card with collage and colored pencil

Index card mums 1

Sea of goldenrod

All tones of yellow and green

Fall at Mason Farm

Art Prescription:  Slow walk at Mason Farm today (yay my stress fracture is better). Beautiful array of fall wildflowers…wish I had taken my book to identify them.

Pen and Ink Sketch on Yellow Bristol Vellum with Colored Pencil:

Mason Farm Sept

Perfectly quiet

With the door open, pitter-

patter of rain, fresh.

Art Prescription:  The breeze, the rain, and just me and the birds. I love painting in my studio on a rainy day. I keep the door wide open and listen to the soft fall of the rain. Soothing. Backyard birds visit for a sunflower or two.

8 x 8 watercolor  “Little Bull”

Little Bull 72


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