Familiar song

Spring dreaming on winter’s day

Robins do gather.

Art Prescription:  I’ve started to notice groups of robins in the trees singing their familiar chortle. It’s so reassuring…

This is a watercolor tree in progress.

art tree

He’s feeling his oats
Rolls on ground, jumps up bucking
It’s a rodeo!

Art Prescription: I now understand what “feeling his oats” means! Finn was a frisky boy today after breakfast!


City-fide red tail

Hawk perches on the mall sign

Beware country mice!

Art Prescription:  Attention K-Mart shoppers…there’s a blue-light special on isle four. It always interests me how crowded the mall is on a week-day (yes I went to Target), and how generously American shoppers let go of their dollars. Need, want, have…

Index Card Art with Vintage Stamps

Index card voice of america

Running down a dream

We chase money, fame, fortune

Chance to simply bloom.

Art Prescription: To be at peace with yourself is to be at peace with others…What are we chasing? A flower plans a whole year just to bloom, if only for one day…

Mixed media…

Simply Bloom

Birds watch the sunset

High atop forest, beaks turn

And the moon joins them.

Art Prescription: A late afternoon walk at Mason Farm. A cute little Oven Bird sits proudly on a branch and watches the moon rise.

Watercolor Pencil on 5 x 7 paper Chop says “hope.”

Birds moon

Search for signs of spring

Subtle in January

Blooms, blue-birds, robins.

Art Prescription:  Once the sun came out today I went for a sketch-walk looking for signs of spring.

Art Journal

Art Journal January 2

The creek meanders

Through the woods in an S shape

Just like the letter.

Art Prescription:  Abstract collage…



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