Bloom true and fully

Bend and grow, best face forward

Let your petals show.

Art Prescription:  Each day at my RN job, I’m reminded of the preciousness of life and health. Be well, be happy, find joy everyday.


Parting, sweet sorrow

Goodbye my sweet Lacey horse

Thanks for the good rides.

Art Prescription:  Lacey, the sweet mare I’ve been riding for about 3 months, is returning to her home farm. She is a horse a family grew up with and she is loved. Which made her lovable. I’ve enjoyed my time with her, the rides, the baths, the grooming. I’m grateful she crossed my path.

Lacey me

Lacey roll


Hot bubblegum pink

Petunias spill outward

Wave to butterflies.

Art Prescription:  This started as a watercolor pencil sketch in my garden on mixed-media paper. Then I took it into my studio and washed it down with water. I added watercolor loosely over pencil strokes and then spattered a bit! FUN!

Pink Petunias

Goddess of July

Rays of silk, golden, yellow

Flower of the sun.

Art Prescription:  My hubby brought me flowers. It still thrills me! As I arranged these sunflowers, I knew I had to capture them in paint. Did a loose watercolor today…will see if it’s done tomorrow, or if I want to detail.


Fashion and beauty

Your external expression

Does not define you.

Art Prescription:  Long, lived day. Woke early, coffee (Facebook, yep), walk, swim, read, and then went to Scrap Exchange. This place is plundering heaven…junk galore…paper extravagansa.

Great finds for art journaling! I bought a $3.00 bag of mixed papers and found lots of vintage patterns.

art journal fashion

Body moves in time

Her white hips sway and sashay

By the lush corn field.

Art Prescription:  A majestic trail ride this morning with Lacey! I felt we moved as one through the wooded path and around tall, lush corn stalks. Except, she cheated and took a bite out of one…don’t tale!

Blue Skies July

July is fading

Perfect sunny summer days

Crickets hum, content.

Art Prescription:  Two busy days at my RN job and doing a little art always gives me a lift. 3 x 5 index card art!

Index card july



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