Rose colored glasses

True color is in actions

True good is true good.

Art Prescription:  Actions speak louder than words I always heard. When people act from their heart you can feel it. When people treat you with respect you feel valued.

8 1/2 x 11 watercolor

Blush Rose II

Old stately houses

Sit under a grove of trees

Middle of a field.

Art Prescription:  Rural North Carolina is so beautiful. Rolling waves of fall color. Big old farm houses sit in the middle of sprawling fields and have long lanes leading to the front doors.

August 2014 tree

From babe to woman

My friend’s daughter is a bride

And now a Mrs.

Art Prescription: Sam and I drove to Nashville, NC Saturday to attend a wedding. It seems like yesterday when I was going to the hospital to be with my friend in labor. The circle of life.

pink and turquoise II

Index card Spider's Web

Beautiful weaver

A master piece in design

But don’t get caught up!

Art Prescription:  This time of year I come across beautiful webs at the farm. I duck and try and miss them, not to disturb all the hard work of weaving.

Index card with pen and ink, my chop says “hope”

Sounding the alarm

Squats and bobs, tail held up high

Carolina Wren.

Art Prescription:  I love watching these spunky little birds bob and call. They have a distinctive little dance and posture. They are small, but they can cover a big territory with their chattering. Don’t we all need to know how far our voice carries? Are people hearing us when we ask for what we need?

Index card with pen and ink and colored pencil:

Index card Carolina Wren

background 1

Sneaky small pepper

Spiced up butternut squash soup

Burst of capsaicin.

Art Prescription:  I got a load of peppers from a friend. Green peppers, jalepeno peppers, and some small slender peppers I thought to be mild. I proceeded to put four of those babies into my cream of butternut squash soup and whoa baby those peppa’s packed some heat. It was good though, not too hot for us to eat, but next time I may remove the seeds and just have the lovely flavor without the after-burn, lol.

Index card with colored pencil:

Index card pepper


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