Winter snow vixen

Looks for a fine place to nap

Digs a cozy nest.

Art Prescription: Aren’t foxesFox snow adorable…My Asian chop says “hope” or “rare expectation” in Chinese, and my name Bei Fu Lie.

Watercolor 8 1/2 x 11

The world is muffled

All stands still and regal white

Carolina snow.

Art Prescription: Big wet snowflakes fell through the night. Really nothing compares…

Abstract watercolor


Time specializes

In alterations of dreams

It is not too late.

Art Prescription:  As I went about helping to prepare the farm for a winter storm, I had a thought of wishing this love had of occurred earlier in my life. Then I realized it’s just PERFECT.

Watercolor sketch study of a fox


Winter trees rise up

Bare branches sculpted with snow

Winter wonderland.

Art Prescription:  Woke up to snow. Kept falling most of day surprising everyone. Walking in the woods, sublime.

Colored pencil on a scrap piece of watercolor paper…loose…

Snow trees

Familiar song

He chortles from the tree top

Totally for her.

Art Prescription:  Male birds know how to serenade the females. They sing their hearts out just to get her interest. Sweet! Blue birds start their romance in February.

Collage and colored pencil on an envelope.

Envelope art bluebird

Hair salted with hay

Muddy hand-prints adorn pants

Makings of happy!

Art Prescription:  I love being out at the farm in the morning with the horses. They greet me close to the gait waiting for their breakfast. Fresh hay is very exciting. The cardinals are singing and the clouds break into sunshine.

Pen and ink and collage:


Icicle cascade

Still fall of water, frozen

Before it hits ground.

Art Prescription:  It’s like a steady drip of water was suspended in time.

iPhoto black and white

icicle b and w


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