Sky returns to blue

Group of Scarlet Tanagers

Striking red, black wings.

Art Prescription:  Spent my morning at the farm. On and off rain. Late day walk at Mason Farm and lots of birds. Scarlet Tanagers glow in the green canopy.

Index card with colored pencil

Index card scarlet tanager

Northern Parula

Steady song in the forest

Lulled by the soft rain.

Art Prescription:  Early hike at Mason Farm and the rain caught us. It was quite peaceful walking under the canopy of trees while the rain pitter-pattered on leaves.

Collage, colored pencil and graphite:

Art journal Northern Parula

Field crickets chirp, court

Call out for a female mate

Wind carries their song.

Art Prescription:  Ending my week sitting in the middle of a field with horses and crickets. Most of the song you hear from crickets are the males serenading the females…sound familiar? And it’s their wings that make the sound not their legs. Beautiful to just sit and listen to the breeze, a couple of cardinals, sounds of horses chomping grass, and a distant caw of crows.

Art Journal Sketchbook

Art journal crickets

Hi Y’all,
Today I’m celebrating picking up my copy of “A World of Artist Journal Pages!”

I’m honored to be included in this curated collection from around the world!

I hope this will help spread the mission of the Art Prescription! A dose of art (and haiku) for anyone who needs it.

I would love to encourage you to pick up those paints or pencils, keep a journal, write poetry, allow your imagination to play!

Thank you for all your support,


Let the reigns out, trot

The connection, woman, horse

Unfold like a bloom.

Art Prescription:  I continue to learn how to ride my horse. Today was beautiful, if not a bit bouncy, hey I’m working up here! Loving every moment! Thank you Deborah!

8 1/2 x 11 watercolor

Blue and gold

Right behind my house
Blooms a garden and ideas
Come to life, she shed.


Bubblegum wrapper
Something pink, delicious
Break the classroom rules.

Collage on canvas – about 10 layers!



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