Looks like a first snow

White dots the wide open field

Cotton in the bud.

Art Prescription:  Tufts of cotton, big open space, the country!! Colored pencil and pen and ink on watercolor paper.


Seasons done, corn weeps

Bins piled with sweet potatoes

Trucks head to market

Art Prescription:  All in good time…

Sweet Potatoes 1

Dirty, fur in knots
A creature of the cold streets
Clean, warm, loved, house queen.

Art Prescription: A great end to a stray’s story! She brings immeasurable love to her forever home.


Mary Fairy’s pool

The rain fills the mushroom lid

Fairies take a dip.

Art Prescription: True… You believe right?!?


Down the hill they go

Skateboards! choreographed speed

Practice makes perfect.

Art Prescription:  Two teen boys in my neighborhood have been practicing for a couple of days now going down and around on a hilly path. Muddy from crashing, they giggle and try again. Just two boys and their wheels…no thought of the past or the future…just the now.

Geo Peace

Hard steady fall rain

Forgot your umbrella, well

Find a puddle, jump!

Art Prescription:  Why do some folks complain about the rain? As kids we found things joyful no matter what. When was the last time you jumped into a big rain puddle!! ?? Go ahead, you have my permission…


Farm entrance, dogwood

Cockle-berry takes hitch-hike

Horses in the woods.

Art Prescription:  Both of us in need of clearing our minds, my friend and I. I went and led Finn out of the woods, rode a bit. Then we both took in the calm that is the farm, to clear our heads and sketch!

Blue Skies Oct 13


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