A dried sage bundle
Native American herb
For a house clearing.

Art Prescription: One of my biggest goals in life is balance. I seek peace, simplicity, harmony.


Dark shadow and light

Both of value, no judgement

Balance, live in each.

Art Prescription:  We all have our shadow side, the stories we have made up about our lives. It’s how we cope. The mind is a powerful thing! Art…….take me away!! Far, far, away….

Fall Zinnias I

Fall pink zinnias

Raise their head towards the sun

Shield against first frost.

Art Prescription:  Pen and Ink sketch in journal.

Fall Zinnias

A life before now

Repurposed, a new pattern

Life, double helix.

Art Prescription:  Many objects and patterns have multiple lives. A farmer’s tool cart becomes a magazine rack. An old bed becomes a porch swing. Old patterns cycle round…here is a watercolor take on IKAT.


Leaves age gracefully

In a riot of color

Know when to let go.

Art Prescription:  Watercolor on paper.

Fall Leaves

Looks like a first snow

White dots the wide open field

Cotton in the bud.

Art Prescription:  Tufts of cotton, big open space, the country!! Colored pencil and pen and ink on watercolor paper.


Seasons done, corn weeps

Bins piled with sweet potatoes

Trucks head to market

Art Prescription:  All in good time…

Sweet Potatoes 1


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