Half moon, wispy clouds

Autumn blue sky, rich red mums

Mockingbird sweet songs.

Fall favorites.jpg

The veins of a leaf

Transport sugar and water

Branches, pathways, life.

Art Prescription:  The veins of leaves and branches on trees mimic our vascular and nervous system. Gives you something to think about. Colored pencil, pen and ink, and collage on an A2 envelope.

Leaf veins.jpg

Sunday, day of rest

A treat to get quiet, nap

Cat acupuncture!

Art Prescription:  I’m not much of a napper, can never fall asleep during the day. I do relish laying down though and resting my body. With three cats, someone is always going to join me. Mocha, my tabby, will make biscuits for 30 minutes straight. Got a session of cat acupuncture and then up I went to the studio to play. 8 1/2 x 11 mixed media

Butterfly Window gr.jpg

A place for ice-cream

Rolling country where cows graze

Big, tall, grain silos.

Art Prescription:  Took my blanket, binoculars, and sketchbook out to the country today. Plopped myself on a hill over-looking a dairy farm. Meanwhile people wandered into the store for fresh and local ice-cream cones.

Mapleview sketch.jpg

He picked out flowers

That would bloom while he was gone

She on his return!

Art Prescription:  Helped do signs for a friend today. Her daughter is getting married. After 20 some years, I still embrace the daily return of my husband to our home. Watercolor pencil sketch on watercolor paper.


Through open windows

Comes fall and winds of new path

Trees let go with ease.

Art Prescription:  Are you wresting with letting go of something? Nature’s lesson this season is to let go and rest with full courage that new growth is next.  Collage, pen and ink, and colored pencil on an envelope. I thought about using pieces of the envelope in a collage, and then I thought why not just do art on the envelope!!

Mail art.jpg

Looking for dharma

I sit quiet, lotus pose

Breathe in peace, shanti.

Art Prescription:  Pen and ink sketch…



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