“I Love Lucy.” Two best friends

Ethel and Lucy.

Art Prescription:  Sometimes friends last forever…

Index card with stamps and collage:

ICAD 33 I Love Lucy

Every summer

Hot days lead to thunder storms

And a sweet release.

Art Prescription:  The pressure of a hot day builds. Thunder clouds build in the distance…and then it rains quenching the thirst of many gardens.

Index card collage with pen and ink:

ICAD 32 Weather

Trivia, real life

Question? How attached are you

To authentic life.

Art Prescription: There is so much fake out there. Fake faces, fake bodies, fake personalities. Fake world if you watch television. Oh my god…there are so many people being fed FAKE!!!!!

Trivia:  When did plastic surgery make people happy?

ICAD 31 Trivia

A pink princess phone

Teenager waits for a call

From a boy, of-course!

Art Prescription:  These days I guess they wait for a text…gone are the pretty pink princess phones.

Index card with colored pencil and pen and ink:

ICAD 30 Phone

Front porch, rocking chairs

A view of cows, dairyland

Mapleview Ice-Cream!!

Art Prescription:  Index Card A Day prompt and local!!!

Index card with collaged papers

ICAD 29 Ice-cream

Love sick Pinto Bean

Creates drama at the farm

Swoons over the fence!!

Art Prescription:  Ava, a new mare, came to the farm and Pinto Bean has fallen in love. He pines for her over the fence.

Index card with pen and ink:

ICAD 28 Drama

Utopian view

Out of academic eyes

World full of vision.

Art Prescription: Fabric, collage, sewing…

ICAD 26 Academic


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