Picking a pumpkin

To adorn our porch for fall

Ritual color.

Art Prescription:  Well this is just orange-luscious!! A trek out to the country for pumpkin picking.


Dark and cool outside

First light, daybreak, the world turns

Sweet birds morning song.

Art Prescription:  There are a few things worth getting up in the dark for…


Ivy wraps and twirls

Sends young tendrils to anchor

The climb up, over.

Art Prescription:  Vines are inspirational. No matter what, they keep climbing. Pen and ink…will color…


September vinca

Blooms red, white, and pink, autumn

Holding on, summer.

Art Prescription:  My vincas are still blooming…hardy.

cosmos 3 x 5

Young fledge, cardinal

Peep, peep, peep, peep, persistent

Momma demonstrates.

Art Prescription:  Adults are still bringing their off-spring to eat on my deck. The fledglings do their best to continue the easy route. Momma feed me. The parents show them how to peck, scratch, and eat.

juvi cardinal 3 x 5

Geese call out, echoes

Ready to roost music scales

Turtles paddle by.

Art Prescription:  I love my solitary walks around the ponds in my neighborhood. Stood and watched the geese until they took flight. Watercolor sketch.


Some days a blank page

Stares at me, my muse protests

Meanwhile I collage.

Art Prescription:  While hiking our favorite place, Mason Farm, NC, we ran into another couple about half-way around the loop. They had just seen two bear cubs running off into the forest!! Then on the trail we saw bear scat. Holy nature walk! We only did one loop today. Back at the studio I tapped into nothing particular. Trying to plan holiday workshops…



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