Sole bareback beauty

Canters across fresh green field

She is one with horse.

Art Prescription:  To watch a young lady ride bareback with complete composure is a joy. She makes it look so simple. Truth is she is in awe of this horse and with mad skills the horse knows. So impressive. Beautiful.

bare back 3 x 5

Rise up out of leaves

Delicate Quaker Ladies

April in the woods.

Art Prescription:  I rode my bike over to a patch of woods near my house. Lots of Quaker Ladies blooming, also known as Bluets. They are such cheerful little flowers!!

Quaker Ladies 2

Yellow pollen fog

Azaleas ripe with buds

Tulips unfold red.

Art Prescription:  Buds everywhere.

Azaelia buds

Small town atmosphere

Kids, dogs,  Saturday shoppers

Work hard and play hard.

Art Prescription:  I did an art show today in Hillsborough, NC. What a picture perfect day. Sunshine, breeze, and people enjoying being a part of their neighborhood. One couple bought a piece they are taking to England. A young woman bought several pieces for her new home in Efland, NC, and another who is engaged to be married, picked up 3 works for her anticipated new life in Kansas! Lovely to meet my customers and see my art find homes!

Vinca April



Blue birds build their nest

Creature instinct. I muster

The courage to change.

Art Prescription:  Change is hard and sometime necessary. Be honest to your heart.


Turn signal keeps time

Traffic whirls by, horns come in

Rush hour music.

Art Prescription:  Everyone is in such a rush. Tempers flare…people lose sight of what’s important in life. For what? Money? Power? …Kindness goes a lot further.

Be kind

Where the sky is wide

Freshly plowed fields, deep orange

That’s where horses run.

Art Prescription:  The beauty of the rolling country on my way to Blue Skies Farm calms my nervous system. Hello friend…choose love.

Hello Friend


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