Portrait of a soul

The warm, brown eyes of a horse

So reassuring.

Art Prescription:  Farm time…nothing like it.

Index card with colored pencil and pen and ink:

ICAD 35 Portrait

Freedom is safety

To walk in your neighborhood

And hear the birds sing.

Art Prescription:  I just want to say a big thank-you to our armed forces who keep us safe.

Index card with collage and pen and ink.

ICAD 34 Independence


“I Love Lucy.” Two best friends

Ethel and Lucy.

Art Prescription:  Sometimes friends last forever…

Index card with stamps and collage:

ICAD 33 I Love Lucy

Every summer

Hot days lead to thunder storms

And a sweet release.

Art Prescription:  The pressure of a hot day builds. Thunder clouds build in the distance…and then it rains quenching the thirst of many gardens.

Index card collage with pen and ink:

ICAD 32 Weather

Trivia, real life

Question? How attached are you

To authentic life.

Art Prescription: There is so much fake out there. Fake faces, fake bodies, fake personalities. Fake world if you watch television. Oh my god…there are so many people being fed FAKE!!!!!

Trivia:  When did plastic surgery make people happy?

ICAD 31 Trivia

A pink princess phone

Teenager waits for a call

From a boy, of-course!

Art Prescription:  These days I guess they wait for a text…gone are the pretty pink princess phones.

Index card with colored pencil and pen and ink:

ICAD 30 Phone

Front porch, rocking chairs

A view of cows, dairyland

Mapleview Ice-Cream!!

Art Prescription:  Index Card A Day prompt and local!!!

Index card with collaged papers

ICAD 29 Ice-cream


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