Fresh coat, barn red paint

A bride’s life-long wedding dream

White, horse-drawn wagon.

Art Prescription:  I did a different kind of painting today! I helped paint a wagon barn red for a friend’s daughter’s wedding. The brides and her wedding party, will be horse-drawn by a team of white horses to meet her groom. They are getting married on a horse farm….so romantic.

Stay tuned!! I’m getting published in HeART Art Journal Magazine!! Will let you know as soon as it comes out!!

red wagon

Nature’s red lipstick

Bright native for hummingbirds

Cousin to orchids.

Art Prescription:  These colorful flowers are stealing the garden right now. Watercolor pencil on 3 x 5 index card.Cardinal flower.jpg

Black sunflower seed

Pecking order in action

Hummer zooms in, out!

Art Prescription:  After a long day at my RN job, I relish putting fresh sunflower seed out and watching the birds. The cardinals, chickadees, wrens, morning doves, and squirrels enjoy the offering. Funny to watch them assert themselves. Meanwhile a hummer flies in and out sampling the nectar of my potted geraniums.

Pen and ink and colored pencil after a frenetic day. Working it out in my journal!

August hummer,jpg

Hips slide back and forth

Big strong muscles move, rhythm

Warm silky bare back.

Art Prescription:  Even though it sounds like a chapter out of a romance novel, it is horse-back riding. And it is all that…

Finn Bareback

Light in the kitchen

Shines at a different tilt

August long shadows.

Art Prescription:  Haven’t done a tree in a while. Soothing black and white. Sumi-ink on watercolor paper 8 1/2 x 11. Available in my Etsy shop for $25.00.

August 2014 tree

Real women have hips

Like a rose we bloom, fleshy

Each part delicate.

Art Prescription:  Painted on mailing labels today. Home-made washi tape. 3 x 5 collage

Rose hips

Summer slips away

A few leaves fall here and there

Flowers turn to seed.

Art Prescription:  Lovely walk with friend’s today at NC Botanical Gardens. Many of the flowers have turned to seed which means abundant food for the song-birds. Seed pods are so intricate and a challenge to draw. Here are my cone-flowers and cosmos going to seed. Pen and ink in journal.

August seeds


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