Home, where soul blossoms

This place that knows who I am

Back to my real life.

Art journal with colored pencil

Art journal home

Leaving Las Vegas

My mom and her hopes and dreams

Desperate crowds, noise.

Art Prescription:  So…it’s good to know where you belong…where your heart sings…where the word content means more than anything.

Art Journal with pen and ink and colored pencil:

Art journal las vegas

Ruby red slippers
Three magic clicks of the heels
Thank you Dorothy.


Sketching on the strip
My second cup of coffee
Mountains in distance.


Contents of my life
Swept off the bathroom counter
It is still light here.


Intricate pattern

These creatures who take to flight

Feathers, part of wings.

Art Prescription:  My favorite subject lately is feathers. So beautiful, so purposeful…

Watercolor and colored pencil 8 1/2 x 11

Feathers Earthtone II copy

Birds sing at daybreak

The dark recedes, a new day

Long weekend mornings.

Art Prescription:  Waking to my own rhythm is bliss.

Watercolor and pen and ink

Blue bird singing


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