Parachute into

A  fresh cornfield with black crows

Velvet shine, feathers.

Art Prescription:  Colored pencil, pen and ink on an index card.

ICAD 61 Parachute

The purpose of art

To produce introspection

Active verb “artwork.”

Art Prescription:  Quote modified from Eric Wahl! Prompt from Daisy Yellow Index Card A Day which ends tomorrow. I’ve made 60 index cards with this group. What a lovely group of eclectic artists putting their muse to work on index cards!

ICAD 60 Advice 1

A crossbarred pattern

Weave of different colors

Definitely plaid.

Art Prescription:  Index card.

ICAD 59 Plaid

A true Queen of Hearts

A friend who will shop with you

For new dress and shoes!!

Art Prescription:  And I’m not easy to shop with!! Many thanks KC.

ICAD 58 queen of hearts

Off into sunset

She flies, takes July with her

And leaves start to change.

Art Prescription:  Ever so subtle fall starts creeping in…

Watercolor and Sumi-ink on index card:

ICAD 57 Sunset

Muse in the machine

Creates index card a day

Thanks Daisy Yellow!!

Art Prescription:  I’ve enjoyed my prompts for an Index Card A Day via Daisy Yellow.

ICAD 56 Machine

In the south of France

Sweet smelling lavender fields

The “Soul” of Provence.

Art Prescription:  One of my favorite herbs!

Watercolor on index card, my chop says “hope.”ICAD 55 France


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