Guest Artist: Doodlewash August 1, 2015

Hi Art Prescription friends. I have a treat for you today. Meet Charlie O’Shields of doodlewash – adventures and misadventures in watercolor sketching. Charlie is from Kansas City, Missouri, and you wouldn’t know it to look at his watercolor paintings, but he just began working in watercolor about a month ago. He says, ” I started this blog by trying to capture little bits of my world in ink and watercolor after a 20 year hiatus from sketching and absolutely no experience in watercolor until now. So the results have varied. A lot. But that’s all part of the fun! And I’m meeting many wonderful people on this journey.”

Like the Art Prescription, Charlie seems to be on a mission to encourage people to make art! He finds creativity to be a potent remedy for stress. Charlie and I both lean towards watercolor. If you put some water and color down on a clean white sheet of paper you will have fun!!

His advise, “even if you don’t consider yourself an artist or have never dared to doodle before. Trust me… you can do it too. We are all artists when we make something new. So, I’m inviting you to grab a brush and join me! Let’s all make some doodlewashes together!”

On his blog he has a page for “Making a Doodlewash: What you’ll need to get started”

Here’s a link to Charlie’s blog

I hope you will hop over and take a visit and be inspired to make your own Doodlewash! I am! Thanks Charlie!




3 thoughts on “Guest Artist: Doodlewash August 1, 2015

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