You left us too soon

To continue on your way

Your mother’s sunshine.

Art Prescription:  Dear friends I’d like to dedicate this writing to Caleb Marshall Woodlief. My best friend lost her dear son and his funeral was today. A bright light in our world, he blessed his family and friends for 22 years.

We all feel the sadness of the inexplicable, the unfair, and undeniable loss that we humans must bear. We cannot make sense of it. Some mysteries are beyond our comprehension. This is where faith, whatever faith means to you, becomes the simple affirmation of getting through one day at a time.

Caleb you were cherished by your family. I remember the day your mother called me to tell me you were on your way. The world was here waiting for your arrival.

Friends and family gathered today to bid you farewell and to send you off with love on your soul’s journey.

Dame Julian of Norwich, a thirteenth-centurey English mystic, wrote this prayer to comfort those who are dealing with enormous human emotion.

All shall be well,

And all shall be well,

And all manner of things shall be well.

In loving memory of Caleb Marshall Woodlief.