Fancy Feast January 9, 2018

Little opossum

Your appetite betrayed you

Go free sweet fella.

Art Prescription: So, I caught a possum in my cat trap last night. Poor thing hissed at me. I opened the trap and he stayed for around an hour. I took the trap to the woods and he found his way free. His ears were so pretty and delicate with a pink glow. Guess I’ve never seen a possum this close. Nature… a steady gift.

Blackie, the male I caught yesterday, is doing well after being neutered.

6 thoughts on “Fancy Feast January 9, 2018

  1. We have wild possums that visit our yard almost nightly. We feed them and watch them on our Nest Cam outdoor camera. I just did a pretty cool post about them if you’d like to check it out- there are some nice photos and a video as well. Thanks in advance and thanks for releasing the Possum you caught. 🙋🐾🐭

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