Shade Tree July 8, 2018

Under the shade tree

There is song, nests, and feathers

Music to my ears.

Art Prescription: Took Finn out for a lovely trail ride. A break in the heat, nice!

We ambled past shadowy paths in the woods, and sunny trails by big leafy corn-fields.

Other than trying to eat grass, he was a good boy. My steady steed.

2 thoughts on “Shade Tree July 8, 2018

  1. Hi Bev, Hope your day is going well. I like this tree and painting one of my own. Do you paint the back ground first or paint the tree and leaves first and work around the highlight colors? No rush in getting back to me. I’m painting and writing every day and love it. Thank you for inspiring me.


    • Hi Laura, for this tree I sketched out the tree, then painted the background. The leaves are partially painted and some are collaged papers. Then I painted the tree and left some of the lighter background as highlight. I’m so glad you are painting and writing! If you want to come do a studio class with me let me know.

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