Indigo Dye October 6, 2018

Today I went to a workshop at Moonbird Soulful Living. We learned Shiboro, an ancient method of dying fabrics with indigo.

The process is quite interesting as you have to de-oxygenate the vat to make the indigo effective. Your pieces comes out green, but as the fabric is exposed to air, and oxidizes, it the turns brilliant indigo blue!

There are lots of ways to create resists with objects and tying, similar to tie-dye. You can also use bees wax to paint a resist right on your fabric.

I did two tea towels and a long-sleeved T-shirt. This was great fun! I can see exploring this medium more!

8 thoughts on “Indigo Dye October 6, 2018

  1. How interesting, a very old tradition it is, and today you can take part in it. You have created some fine articles Beverley.

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