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How can we use art for therapeutic purposes?

Feeling annoyed or depressed without any possibility to talk about it or need to do so, is an example where art can actually help you express your feelings. It has been known from ancient times that people used art to show how they feel about something and to explain situations that they have been experiencing during the day. 

However, not so long ago art has become a topic of study in psychotherapy as an effective tool in mental health treatment. That is how art psychotherapy was developed and formalized in the middle of the 20th century.

In the following lines, we will make sure to distinguish art psychotherapy and art as a therapy and focus more on art as a therapy, since that is something you can do at home. Also, we will make sure to mention some types of art that you can benefit from and that will help you feel better and relieved.  

Wait! Art psychotherapy and art as a therapy? What is the difference?

According to American Art Therapy Association,  ̎Art therapy is a mental health profession in which clients, facilitated by the art therapist, use art media, the creative process to enhance their physical, mental, and emotional well-being ̎. Reading this, it is clear that art therapy is a type of psychotherapy and should be guided by a professional. However, art as a therapy is something that you can do at your home. Making some type of art as your hobby can help you release stress, feel better and find a new purpose. So, get ready and choose the art type that suits you and will help you improve your personal well-being. 

Choose a type of art for you

Think about your childhood and remember what the things you preferred doing were. Were you painting, drawing or making things? In order to make it easier, here are some of the arts we marked off.


The very first association will be that you need to be talented in order to paint. But, that is not true. Knowing that there are many painting techniques, you can choose the one that is best for you and make paintings that you like, like nature in your yard, a nearby park, the sun, and the sky etc. Feel free to experiment and be open to new dimensions. 


 The smell of wood and a very nice piece after processing is something that will definitely improve your self-esteem. Although it seems challenging, it has been proven that woodworking can develop several brain functions and help us improve in many fields, and one of them is for sure feeling more confident and appreciating ourselves more. 


It is advisable for every person to have a journal where daily happenings, troubles or situations can be written in short stories. That helps in many ways, and one of them is expressing your emotions on paper and helping to overcome the feelings and situations. Sometimes people also use journals to make a sketch next to the stories to be easily described and more authentic. 

If the text inspired you, think about the type of art you can choose to start this artistic journey. Not all people can be artists, but we can all use art anyway, in any shape, and whenever we feel to do so. 

Robert Johnson
Founder | Sawinery
M: + 972 544 600 745


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