Mini Journal

Winter grey hovers

Sun peeks out here and there, cold

The blue-jays complain.

Art Prescription: So after looking at all the “perfect” family photos on social media, I’m feeling a little depressed. Love my family, but honestly, it was a lot of work for a short mid-day dinner. Not relaxing at all!

I did get the perfect gift today from a dear friend, a mini-hand-made journal.

Here’s my first entry with my chop that says “hope.”

5 thoughts on “Mini Journal

  1. Don’t be fooled Bev. There is no ‘perfect’ family gathering; just a moment when everyone poses for the perfect picture. And yes—what a lot of work for a short period of time. Just consider it a gift of love. I’m really glad that my son and his wife want to start hosting. They had 17 at the table……stay tuned for the ‘perfect’ posting of our co-mingled family Christmas! Madeline

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