Rewrite Your Story

Remember…let go

Rewrite your story for now

Each chapter pure you.

Art Prescription: My last post was a dark emotional piece. Interesting not many readers “liked” it.

My Art Prescription mission has always been about using art to express emotions for the good of our health.

Tonight I reworked the house a bit. Our life stories go on and on, each day an opportunity to live authentically you.

Life is a work in progress.

Very loose mixed media:

6 thoughts on “Rewrite Your Story

  1. so true! I love seeing both versions and the therapy they elicited. Keep on keeping on with your art, emotions, creativity, and inspiration. I love it!

    • Thanks Jodi. I sort of wished I didn’t post the first house, but then as I thought about it, figured it was an opportunity to remember why I started the Art Prescription. Neither house is truly autobiographical, but a figment of my imagination and some truths.

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