Watercolor and Wine

Tables dressed in white

Paint, brushes, paper, and straws

Each piece work of art.

Art Prescription: What an honor to be the artist for Watercolor and Wine for Valentines at the North Carolina Botanical Garden.

The event planner and her staff did a beautiful job decorating for the event.

I took off my horse boots and got gussied up to lead a group of 65 people to paint a spring forest. We blew paint with straws and then added color and spattering!

What always amazes me is that if given the opportunity most adults find their creative voice. “I haven’t done this since high school,” is common.

I of course reviewed the mind, body, spirit benefits of creativity. This table was delighted with their paintings.

My mission for the Art Prescription has always been to share the joys of creativity for body, mind, and spirit. Tonight! mission accomplished!!

10 thoughts on “Watercolor and Wine

  1. I think I told you that my straw blowing painting is one of only 2 that I’ve ever framed (and it’s hanging in my kitchen nook!). I loved the last painting on the right.

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