Work in progress

Spring showers, bird song

Rain washes yellow pollen

Off of my windshield.

Art Prescription: Spring in NC means pine pollen! I’m talking a yellow haze in the atmosphere.

I’m continuing my birch trees in acrylic and finding myself impatient. Funny how people say watercolor is difficult. I’m finding acrylics harsh, can’t get the soft feel I desire.

I’m also tired, so time to walk away and look with fresh eyes tomorrow.

6 thoughts on “Work in progress

  1. I like how you have painted your birch trees. 😊 I know when I get tired, I get impatient with myself too. Sounds like you know what to do, stepping away and coming back with fresh eyes is a good idea. I like to think of my art making as an experiment to try different things. One idea for you might be to add some collage. Just a thought. ❤️

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