That Looks Easy

That looks so easy

Why I could do that myself

Just need the supplies.

Art Prescription: So I set out today to get some embroidery needles. A friend of mine found some hoops and floss at a thrift shop and bought them for me.

I’ve been thinking I would create some embroidery kits with my watercolor designs.

Every art form takes skill! I fought with tangled floss, my knots went through the fabric, my needle became unthreaded, and after an hour here is my tiny improvisational embroidery. It was kind- of fun!


7 thoughts on “That Looks Easy

  1. Bev. Love love it! Ideas for all my threads which I kept from my brother who died in 1990. He was the most creative person and I miss him so.

    Thank you, Laura

  2. No pattern? Excellent work! I love learning other things my artistic friends are good at. I am a proficient at crochet and many paper crafts, especially card making. What else do you enjoy (if you have time, that is)? 💐

    • Carol, I’ll try just about anything! I have to be careful though that I don’t go out and buy a ton of supplies before I decide I don’t have the patience for something and go back to painting.

  3. Aw, yes! I can so relate! I used to do hand embroidery but I tried it a couple of months ago and my arthritic fingers fumbled… I love what you have created here Beverly! 🌹

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