Travel Woes

Thunderstorm gridlock

Windshield wipers at top speed

Red brake lights for miles.

Art Prescription: Sam was due in at 3:30. Perfect, before rush hour traffic, we’d be home for a nice dinner.

Mother Nature had a different plan and 5 hours later we are home.

I sat in the cell-phone lot while he sat on the plane to wait the lightening out.

A few planes came in.

I had a piece of an envelope and spent some time drawing.

3 thoughts on “Travel Woes

  1. Unfortunately, I can empathize with sitting bumper to bumper behind a river of red lights during an impromptu thunder and lightning show. I can also empathize with sitting helplessly in the plane circling the airport hoping not to run out of fuel. Guess it’s the blessing of grow older, I think. Looks like you made the most of the time you had. That’s all that anyone can do. I feel your pain.

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