Stitch by Stitch

Treading the needle

Embroidery thread getting

Tangled and then start.

Art Prescription: So after starting pangs, I commenced to embroider a free-hand design.

I’m exploring fabric art, but honestly I’m not sure I have the patience.

Improvisational stitching bunny:

2 thoughts on “Stitch by Stitch

  1. Sweet bunny. I know what you mean – this kind of art takes longer, so make sure it is something dear to your heart. I once embroidered a bunny on my daughter’s sweater when she was 3, and she loved it. The sweater is in safe keeping in the event I am blessed enough to have a dear granddaughter one day, hopefully soon. 🐰

    • I have these rough ideas about combining textile art with embroidery. It would help if I would first take the time to actually learn embroidery! LOL Well it’s just play…until the thread gets tangled.

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