Photo Friday

After a very stressful day at my RN job, I headed out to hay the horses.

Despite the rain and mud I was glad to be there. I had some steam to blow off!

At my RN job we have switched to full computer charting. No offense to computer programmers, but where is the time incorporated to actually taking care of a human being come in to play!!! It’s easy to sit at a computer and write programs for healthcare. How about you come into our setting and see what it’s like to put your hands on a person, deal with their anxiety, comfort the patient and their worried family. Does your checkbox include holding a patient’s hand until they stop shivering? Does your checkbox include a mom giving you a hug and asking you to take care of her daughter?

Does your robotic checkbox include the fact that caring for our patients is SO much more than a click of a mouse!!!!

Omg how did we get here?

Okay, I could possibly go absolutely down a rabbit hole on this!!

Here’s my comforting photo:

2 thoughts on “Photo Friday

    • Thanks Chris, I’m sure I will learn the new system. The advancement of technology has long been a deterrent for humanistic care. Or perhaps this just shows my age. These young whipper-snapper nurses probably do the technology with their left hand while performing a task with their right!! And yet I still wonder where’s the care part of that? Can you really connect with people if you are tied to checking boxes? Anyone who has interacted with any health care setting is feeling this – you call you get a robot, that robot refers you to another robot, or worse you send a message on a portal to a robot. The human to human connection gets further and further apart.

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