Spider’s Web October 9, 2015

Index card Spider's Web

Beautiful weaver

A master piece in design

But don’t get caught up!

Art Prescription:  This time of year I come across beautiful webs at the farm. I duck and try and miss them, not to disturb all the hard work of weaving.

Index card with pen and ink, my chop says “hope”

Scoville Scale October 6, 2015

Sneaky small pepper

Spiced up butternut squash soup

Burst of capsaicin.

Art Prescription:  I got a load of peppers from a friend. Green peppers, jalepeno peppers, and some small slender peppers I thought to be mild. I proceeded to put four of those babies into my cream of butternut squash soup and whoa baby those peppa’s packed some heat. It was good though, not too hot for us to eat, but next time I may remove the seeds and just have the lovely flavor without the after-burn, lol.

Index card with colored pencil:

Index card pepper

And Right There You Are October 4, 2015

The shadow of fall

There’s the promise of sunsets

Don’t need a passport.

Art Prescription:  Found poetry. Scan a magazine and look for words or phrases that speak to you. Cut and paste into your journal, or as I’ve done here onto an index card.

Index card with collage and colored pencil:

Index card no passport

October Rain October 2, 2015

October comes in

With big buckets full of rain

Studio warm, dry.

Art Prescription:  I love the sound of rain on my studio roof. So soothing as I lay down watercolor washes. Big clouds hover over North Carolina, but looks the hurricane is going out to sea. Fall is upon us…nice cool weather.

Index card with pen and ink and colored pencil:

Index card October rain

Goldenrod September 27, 2015

Sea of goldenrod

All tones of yellow and green

Fall at Mason Farm

Art Prescription:  Slow walk at Mason Farm today (yay my stress fracture is better). Beautiful array of fall wildflowers…wish I had taken my book to identify them.

Pen and Ink Sketch on Yellow Bristol Vellum with Colored Pencil:

Mason Farm Sept

Big Bucks September 20, 2015

Big bucks September

Heads adorned with a sculptor

Stand tall in the woods.

Art Prescription:  I continue to try and paint bucks. My challenge…to capture their essence, and stay loose and gestural. This is on big 22.5 x 30 paper, so I used very wet watercolor and big brushes. I even did the faint background with a house-paint brush. It’s fun painting BIG!!

And a nice break from launching The Art Prescription Deck: A Dose of Coloring Inspiration – I’m picking up samples Monday, whoot!!


Watercolor on 22.5 x 30 300lb arches watercolor paper:


Swish September 19, 2015

Grasshoppers whirl by

Black crows chuckle in the trees

Horses swish their tails.

Art Prescription:  Trying to take a day of rest…I went to swim and sauna. Rest? My restless soul is not familiar with this concept. So I ventured out to the farm to just be. And I did. I stood in the pasture watching horses graze and nudge each other gently. I saw crows and hawks fly by making lots of racket. I watched song-birds land on the fence to survey their next bug. I petted, leaned on, an loved on all the horses.

Carson index card with ink and colored pencil:

Horses Carson

Pasture Sun Set September 18, 2015

On the other side

Of the pasture, the sun sets

Cool mist over ground.

Art Prescription:  I went out to the farm to meet the farrier so Finn could get his “pedicure.” After two busy RN days, a chance to slow down and enjoy the horses was a welcome situation.  I stayed until the sun began to sink on the horizon. Gazing out on a field of happily grazing horses is peace for my soul, beauty for my eyes, quiet for my ears, and love for my heart.

Watercolor 5 x 7

Horses Sunset

The Hand of an Artist September 17, 2015

Through hand to paper

The artist renders, and the

Soul makes her requests.

Art Prescription:  Hi everyone, I’m pooped! I’ve been working so hard to get The Art Prescription Deck: A Dose of Coloring Inspiration out!! I’m going to have to share one from the vault. Let me see what I can find for you…

Dancer…done in collaboration with my husband…how appropriate!!