Big Bucks September 20, 2015

Big bucks September

Heads adorned with a sculptor

Stand tall in the woods.

Art Prescription:  I continue to try and paint bucks. My challenge…to capture their essence, and stay loose and gestural. This is on big 22.5 x 30 paper, so I used very wet watercolor and big brushes. I even did the faint background with a house-paint brush. It’s fun painting BIG!!

And a nice break from launching The Art Prescription Deck: A Dose of Coloring Inspiration – I’m picking up samples Monday, whoot!!

Watercolor on 22.5 x 30 300lb arches watercolor paper:


11 thoughts on “Big Bucks September 20, 2015

    • Good morning, I haven’t listed it. Was going to once I had several. It’s a large painting 22.5 x 30. Are you interested in a buck painting? If so let me know what size and what kind of pricing you are looking for. Thank you, they are magnificent creatures. You can email me privately at with the above.

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