Haiku December 22, 2012 Flock as One

A wave of blackbirds

Move as one mass over trees

Wings vibrate the air!

Art Prescription:  Instead of the mall, my love and I walked almost 6 miles in the woods today, which seemed to be brimming with activity…snow coming? As we walked our familiar path a flock of black-birds came up across the trees with an amazing presence. The sound of thousands of birds chirping, and the thunder-like vibration of their one for all flight, shook the woods. I stood in the brown, grassy meadow in complete awe, and wholly grateful for this serene moment.

Mason Farm blackbirds

Haiku December 17, 2012 True Friendship

Friendship! A vessel

To share woes and joys, lifetime

Lift a glass in cheer!

Art Prescription:  This is the time of the year to celebrate all we have to be grateful for!! I’m so lucky to have great friends who trade the woes and joys of life. Life is a roller-coaster! We all experience the ups and downs, the long clicks up the hill…and the exhilarating ride, thrilling…the tenacious curves…and the moment when we catch our breath, and go on to the next ride. Life is ever-changing…put on your seat-belt!! and make sure your best friend is along for the ride!

Fluff & Twinkle

Haiku November 9, 2012 Rated R

Smitten… chemistry

Bee hovers over new rose


Art Prescription:  Sometimes in life you just hit “like!” The chemistry of attraction is bold, firm, and soft! It’s the mood that says sleep is irrelevant. In all honesty, all but the sleep thing, I like to sleep, I would still hit the “like” button on my guy!

Haiku August 26, 2012 Biking

Wheels spin round and round

Legs pump up and down, movement

Wind whips through tee-shirt.

Art Prescription:  A perfect day for biking. Sam and I packed our bikes up and went over to the Tobacco Trail, a 7 mile ride on a paved trail past homes, roosters, kudzu, and wildflowers to downtown Durham. We sat and rested a bit, checked out the Cow Parade (artist painted cows for UNC Children’s Hospital), and then made our way back. Peaceful riding along chatting. We are so lucky we both like outdoor activities. I have to confess it’s hard for me to not incorporate art into many of our outings, “let’s go hike and sketch,” “let’s ride over to the garden and check out the exhibit,” “let’s take pictures for me to paint.” What’s that saying…you can take the girl out of the creative, but you can’t take the creative out of the girl.

Surtex 2012 New York City!!

Sam and I arrived in New York by 10 am Saturday. Took a frantic taxi ride to the Jacob Javits Center to set the booth up.

When you first get there the isles are filled with crates and cases, the beep, beep, beep of cranes and other industrial machines sound off against bare walls. As exhibitors file in the booths begin to shine with art and design.

You walk out of an industrial zone and the next morning the carpet is down and the show is open for business!!

We spent the next full three days meeting other exhibitors (this is awesome!), art directors, creative directors, product design and development directors, publishers, buyers, retailers, merchandise managers,  CEO’s, presidents,  licensing directors, fine art companies, poster companies, manufacturers, and new artists walking the show to learn about the industry. Also we took turns walking The National Stationery Show.

Now the work begins! Follow-up Follow-up Follow-up

I have to say I’m most excited about the opportunity to have my art licensed for stamps, fabric, and kits to encourage creativity in others. To share the joy of art-making is part of my mission via The Art Prescription!! Cheers! Beverly

Haiku May 23, 2012 Home versus Travel

The horn is culture

Gray and brick and neon flash

Land in sea of green.

Art Prescription:  Home from New York City; YEA! Surtex was a blast and I’ve got lots and lots of following up to do; YEA!

I’m thrilled with the contacts I made and I need to vent…be patient…I’ll get back to the positive.

Top Ten Reasons I Don’t Like To Travel

1. sitting, which to me means wasting time

2. taxis, buses, trains, airplanes

3. lugging too much stuff and going through security

4. packing

5. miss my cats

6. eating out

7. waiting in lines

8. noise overload

9. not my routine a.k.a. OCD

10. definitely don’t have my stuff – a.k.a. really like home!!

Okay – now let’s be positive!!

Top Ten Reasons Surtex Was Worth It!!

1. lots of clean white towels

2. room-service and/or take-out and eating in bed

3. meeting other artists

4. walking the National Stationery Show

5. walking Surtex

6. meeting art directors and creative directors

7. talking with people about my art and the story of my art

8. Spending time with my one and only husband, best-friend, and business partner Sam Dyer

9.Feeling proud that 6 months of planning all came together

10. The total excitement about the future and new product!!!

Haiku April 12, 2012

Vulture stands pole top

Peers out on intersection

Human cars speed by.

Art Prescription: On the way to work this morning I saw a lone vulture preening calmly on top of a telephone pole. As I sat waiting for the green light, her calm stature captured my attention.  Cars were flooding in every direction in a hurry. There were five wires leading to her stand, an interesting composition. Always be on the look-out for something out of the ordinary to move you.