Haiku August 26, 2012 Biking

Wheels spin round and round

Legs pump up and down, movement

Wind whips through tee-shirt.

Art Prescription:  A perfect day for biking. Sam and I packed our bikes up and went over to the Tobacco Trail, a 7 mile ride on a paved trail past homes, roosters, kudzu, and wildflowers to downtown Durham. We sat and rested a bit, checked out the Cow Parade (artist painted cows for UNC Children’s Hospital), and then made our way back. Peaceful riding along chatting. We are so lucky we both like outdoor activities. I have to confess it’s hard for me to not incorporate art into many of our outings, “let’s go hike and sketch,” “let’s ride over to the garden and check out the exhibit,” “let’s take pictures for me to paint.” What’s that saying…you can take the girl out of the creative, but you can’t take the creative out of the girl.

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