Haiku August 25, 2012 Art Medicine

Fragile ego sits

Paints for two hours, color!

Smiles, pride takes over.

Art Prescription:  I taught an Art Prescription workshop today at UNC Wellness Center. I took in a big beautiful flower arrangement for them to work from. A tall order for most people who say “I can’t even draw a stick figure.” The medicine of the Art Prescription is to help participants be in the moment, respond to the paper and paint, let go of the inner critic, and just express! I started by giving a demonstration of blocking in colors, and the second part was to do some pen and ink to give the suggestion of movement and shape.  I could see the looks of fear on their faces as I read a couple of opening poems. By the end of our two hours together everyone was on to their second painting. Amazing what adults will do if just given the permission to play!!

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